A Weekend of Sheep and Not Much Else

I spent all day Saturday and Sunday at a sheep herding clinic (seminar) down in Molalla, Oregon. That was the main event of my weekend.

When I got there Saturday morning at 9 am it was cloudy and there was a light mist falling. The pastures were wet and it was cool. I was not anticipating that weather at all and was really happy that I had left a light rain coat and my rubber herding boots in my car. I was quite a sight in my capris pants and knee-high muddy boots! Amazingly, everyone at the clinic was dressed about the same! It did eventually clear up and was a gorgeous day. I was happy to be in the glorious outdoors with dogs and sheep.

When it wasn’t my turn to work Rico at the clinic I kept my hands busy thread basting my hexis.

That’s only some of what I got basted on Saturday. I managed to get almost 120 of them thread basted over the two days of the clinic.

I managed to get three sets of hexis sewn together over the weekend and I have to say… it’s much easier to sew together the ones that have been thread basted. So count me as a convert to thread basting!

It seems odd to see the threads on the front of these sets.

I’m glad I had the hexis to count as accomplishments because the clinic was a bit of a bust. You always take a chance when you pay for a clinic and this one just didn’t pay off. Rico did some nice work on Saturday but I can’t say that I learned anything that I hadn’t already learned from my existing trainers. Sunday, Rico was really fired up and sort of lost his head. It was a bit of a mess. We were both spent by the end of the weekend.

I did manage to get the boys out for a forest walk before we headed home on Saturday and we all needed it.

Nothing like being out in the woods all by ourselves to rejuvenate! And we had the obligatory posing session.

The wild flowers that we saw on our last walk here were all gone and there was a new collection. I don’t know what this little purple bloom is but they were everywhere.

And thistles. Amazing how something so pretty can be so nasty.

And look at this gorgeous little columbine. This was the only one of these that I saw.

And this light and airy bloom hanging from a small bushy tree.

I was really happy to see the berries coming on. I didn’t eat any because I wasn’t positive what they were. These were both very low to the ground. They just might have been peed on.

And this… I can’t tell you how happy THIS makes me…

A few more days and I’ll be eating home grown tomatoes!

I got up early this morning to take the dogs for a walk before work and before it got too hot. I took them for their evening walk at 8:30. It almost hit 100 degrees here today. We’ve got a hot week on tap. I’m planning on getting to bed early tonight… well, early for me… so we can get another early walk before work tomorrow.

I’m going to stitch on some hexis as I wait for my Advil PM to kick in.

9 Replies to “A Weekend of Sheep and Not Much Else”

  1. Wowzaa!!! You were a hexi-ing maniac! Keep that up and you’ll have enough for a California king size bed in no time! Lol. They’re really pretty with all those flamboyant fabrics!
    Btw, good idea not to eat the pee-berries. Lol
    Have a good one!

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      1. More complex? Hmmm … What about passaglia? I’m probably misspelling it, but it’s complex and gorgeous. Now that you’ve got EPP down, it’s well within your realm.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Looks like you are piling up enough hexi’s for a king size quilt 😄. More beautiful flowers and I am envious of your walks in the forest! If my Dad wasn’t so old we would be in Ruidoso NM as we used to go – to get out of the heat. I am missing fresh mountain air! Rico is a pro! You both probably know enough to run your own sheep herding clinics!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t think I’ll make it to a queen size quilt… unless I’m really productive in our upcoming database conversion! Who knows?

      It’s hot here this week and it would be wonderful to get into a forest that had a lake for a nice swim! I won’t mention that to my boys because it probably won’t happen.



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