Having a Bit of an Idea

I haven’t been very productive the last few days, with the exception of work. It’s been a busy week and it’s not over!

But I’ve been thinking about a color combo that has me sort of excited. I’m nowhere near a decision on what pattern I might make, but here’s the fabrics that have me enthusiastic tonight.

A quick count tells me that’s around 55 different Kaffe Fassett Collective fabrics that I pulled from my stash. It’s likely I’ll edit this pile quite a bit before I start cutting, Some of them are very similar and don’t offer a lot of variation in pattern. But I like the fabrics and colors. I can definitely see some right now that I will pull out and put carefully and neatly back into my recently organized drawers of KFC fabrics. Hahaha! I kill me!

Here’s how this selection of fabrics came to be. I’ve always loved orange and pink together. So I pulled some oranges and pinks that I like. In looking at the fabrics I pulled I noticed pops of color I liked… the purples and turquoises especially. I also wanted a black pop here and there so selected several fabrics that have black or dark backgrounds. So that combo of colors guided this initial pull. I did pull a few things out of the drawer that went right back in. Some of these will need some thought before I decide they either stay or go back in the drawer.

I think I want to make another quilt like my recently completed blue lap quilt. I’ve wanted to make one for some time with some beautiful bright colors. But I’m thinking maybe something that has an occasional larger block would be good to showcase some of these larger prints. Maybe a disappearing nine patch made from 6 inch squares. Or maybe make the same pattern as the black KFC quilt that I’ve recently come to love again.

Well, there’s no hurry on this so I have some time to think about it. I did put some fabrics together tonight for some bucket bags and got the outer bags and linings cut. I have a few pieces of heavy batiks that a friend gave me several years ago and they’re prefect for lining some bucket bags. They didn’t go with any of my aged muslin so I pulled out my denims to see what I have. I found a really cool gray denim that I forgot I had purchased. I’ve had it for several years and have never used it. I combined it with this pretty green batik.

The other combo I put together was this blue denim and red batik.

I’m heading off to visit my long arm quilter again tomorrow evening to drop off the blue lap quilt along with my NY beauty wall hanging. And… I got a message from her the other day that she was just pulling the last quilt off the frame! That’s six of my friend’s quilts and one of mine… all done in around three weeks! I was so surprised she was done so fast! I can’t wait to see them. I’ll share photos when I have them in my hot little hands. Maybe I’ll have a brand new quilt on my bed tomorrow night!

I also took some time this evening to print a label for the blue lap quilt. I typed up my message on my laptop, added a little piece of clip art, and printed it on fabric adhered to freezer paper. I took the time to soak it in some Retain to help set the ink. I don’t always label my quilts, but this quilt seems to need a label.

Several months ago I made a test label and washed it several times and it held up well. I didn’t use the retain on that one. It’s a really quick and easy way to make a label that looks really nice. You can find instructions and video tutorials online. I used the freezer paper method and printed on white fabric I have on hand.

I still need to sew together the dark quilt blocks that I whipped up this weekend. I need to get that done before it goes into my dark pit of unfinished projects!

Someone I follow on Instagram has decided that she’s going to use the remainder of 2022 to finish up her works in progress. This is such a good idea but I don’t think I could discipline myself to do it and not start any new projects. Maybe I should aim for finishing one of my larger WIPs before I ring in the new year. Hmmm… I think I know which one I’d finish first…

17 Replies to “Having a Bit of an Idea”

  1. I love the pink and orange combos too! Kudos you have been keeping your sewing room organized. I am bringing in my Bernina for my 1st year free check up. They said it will take about 2 weeks because they are swamped with many tune up. Hopefully I will get some cleaning and organizing done.
    SKUNK 😵‍💫. My dog got skunked yesterday morning. The vet said it’s skunk mating season so the skunks are very active. I had to mix up a peroxide, baking soda and dawn dish soap concoction- it worked great! No one had any doggy skunk shampoo. I will go out and patrol my yard before letting my baby out next time! Lesson learned. Hugs to Bender and Rico 😘😘


  2. Aaaaaahhh. YES! That orange and purple vibe you having going is delicious. And. I am deeply impressed with the depth of your KF collection 😆. I wonder what would emerge if you filtered the collection to include only two kinds of prints: those with circles and those with straight lines?


    1. Oh, this is an interesting idea. I’ll have to sort the fabrics and see how this would look. It might break my heart to not use any of those gorgeous florals, however!


  3. Luscious luscious fabrics! How to choose?? I’m making two Frankenbags for friends now – trying to find tutorial on zipper installation – could you please guide me to it???

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      1. to search my blog, go to http://www.agilejack1.com, scroll down a little and on the right you’ll see a box where you can enter what you want to search for. If you enter “tutorial” and then click the magnifying glass icon, it will bring up all my tutorials and you can select the one you want.



  4. Hi Anne – If you had asked me yesterday whether I liked orange and pink together I would have said no. But these fabrics are just luscious together. How do you do it? My want-to-quilt list is growing thanks to you!! Looks like you buy pretty big pieces of fabric – are they mostly one-yard pieces? Carolyn


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    1. I used to buy third yards to add to my stash, but now I buy half yards. I found that third yards left me with not enough fabric. I do buy larger pieces occasionally if it’s on sale, if it’s something I really Love, or if I run across something I know is out of print.



    1. I did the same thing early on and finished a good number of projects that had been sitting. I also started a few projects that are still sitting there… incomplete!



  5. My goal was to finish 12 quilts this year but I got unexpected company for a few months. My new goal is to finish one a month, that way I can start a new project in between. My friend loves to hand sew bindings so I have more time to start new quilts! At this rate I’ll never be done!

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    1. OMG! You are so lucky to have a friend who loves to sew bindings. I LOVE a hand sewn binding but really hate doing them!

      I don’t finish very many quilts to actual quilting and binding because I just don’t have any use for all of them. So I’m hoping to trade some tops for quilting. I just have to decide what I’m willing to part with.



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