Hallelujah! Six Bindings Made!

It was hot today in Portland. When I pulled off the freeway at 10:30 this morning on the way to Rico’s sheep herding lesson, it was already 80 degrees! It reached 90 degrees today at my house. That’s too hot too early. A full thirty degrees above where it should be. And I don’t like it.

But Rico was brilliant in his lesson. I’m so happy with how he’s doing. It’s my last lesson before I have him entered in another trial at the end of this month.

I was going to take the boys for a field run in the park with the stream, but I missed my turn and ended up on I-5 south and just decided to keep heading home. The traffic was terrible. When I got home it was past time for lunch.

After lunch I dug in and made two more bindings. This one…

… and this one… which I messed up and had to fix.

After lazing around a little bit and then feeding the dogs their dinner, I hit my sewing room again and whipped up this beauty.

I Just LOVE that octopus fabric! And I think it’s going to be a fun touch on my ice storm quilt.

Then I whipped up a salad for my dinner and took my boys for a short 2 mile walk after the sun went down.

When I got home I forced myself back into my sewing room to finish up the final yet boring binding for my red KFC Fractured quilt.

That’s all six done! I didn’t enjoy a minute of making these, but it feels really good to have them done!

Then I decided to play around with all those lovely selvedges that are left over from the backings I made recently. So I cut some 5 inch paper squares and started placing the selvedge strips on the paper, then sewed them all together.

I made two of these little blocks before I called it quits.

My plan is to put four of these together in a diamond shape and sew them into a bag.

I searched for selvedge sewing projects on Pinterest the other night and found some really fun ideas.

I keep seeing these fabrics on my cutting table and I can’t help but think there’s a quilt in there screaming to get out!

I’ll have to keep this in mind. It’s pretty fun!

I’m supposed to play pickleball tomorrow but I’m guessing it will be too damned hot. I’ll head over there and see if it’s ok to play.

Other than that, I have no exciting plans for my Sunday. Maybe change my sheets. Now THAT’S a good time!

18 Replies to “Hallelujah! Six Bindings Made!”

  1. Hi. My name is Ellen Koch, I live in Copenhagen in Denmark.
    I have followed you for some time because I really like your quilts – the Australian and the Kaffe Fassett fabric you use. I love these two kind of fabric with all their wonderful coulors and I sewn some quilts with these fabrics.

    Now I have just read that you intend to sew a bag of selvedges. I have done that too. I found inspiration on Pinterest and I would like to send pictures of it to you.
    But this comment box does not allow to paste photoes. If you would like to see my bag/tote, my Australian quilt, how can I send them to you?

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  2. I love to make bindings , it’s like the final stretch. Wish I was closer I would trade for scraps, not much Kaffe to find where I live. Hope it gets cooler there. Pickle ball fan, Sue

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  3. Oh those bindings are just pretty all by themselves. Good job! And I agree those fabrics together are pretty attractive. Can’t wait to see ice storm finished. I assume you are keeping that one?

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    1. I don’t really have plans for any of them. But the ice storm quilt is so different for me, I feel like I want to keep it. But how many quilts do I need?



  4. Congratulations on the bindings . That is my least favorite part as well , it gets so tedious. You are so right it is to early for such warm weather. Can’t wait to see the finished quilts

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  5. Happy Moms day to one of the best fur baby Moms I know 🥰🥰🥰
    I can imagine that Rico and Bender will be taking you for a special Mother’s day walk ☺️.
    Hooray the bindings done and looking beautiful! I am sure you feel relief. Wow, that is way too hot for Portland area. We were in the 70’s in San Antonio yesterday, after a big storm and 3.5 inches of rain, Yay!

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    1. It’s 7 pm and we haven’t been for a walk yet today. It’s to freaking hot! It got up over 90 today. We have to wait until the sun goes down.

      I went and played pickleball instead. And I did a lot of sweating!



  6. 6 bindings! Fantastic! I have a recommendation for 2 more Creative grid rulers. The folded corner tool, a binding saver. No more drawing lines. And the Stripology Grand XL ruler. Love it for cutting strips, worth every penny. Stay cool. Good luck with the herding competition, Rico will have fun however it goes.

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    1. A friend of mine gave me that stripology ruler a few years ago. I’ve never used it! I should pull it out and give it a try.

      the other ruler looks interesting. I’ll have to consider that one!



  7. Too bad we don’t live closer, I love making the binding because it lets me know that I am almost finished with the quilt. Also I love the selvedge blocks and a bag will be delightful for sure.

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  8. I’ve always wondered how selvages are sewed, so now I know. I have tons of them but no time now to experiment. I had knee repair on Wednesday and it’s a slow time now for me to recover. I never mind making my bindings, my worst thing is all the cutting or dealing with a pattern that doesn’t make sense. It was hot today in the St Louis area at 90 degrees and we had the a/c on for a bit to cool off.

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    1. I might be making up my own way to sew selvedges. But that’s the way I roll! I usually cut them off so carefully there isn’t enough left to sew. But for the backings, I was more generous on what was left on the selvedge.



  9. I know some one else also suggested a folded corner clipper for bindings. Mine is by Praire Sky Quilting. You definitely should have one of these! Once you use it you’ll wonder why you didn’t have one of those. It makes bindings such a breeze you might make the bindings before you make the quilt – haha. I’ve used mine also for small flying geese, they come out perfect!

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