Four Geese Blocks Come Together

Just a quick post tonight to share a photo of my four Ruffled Feathers blocks. It’s amazing how different it looks as you add blocks.


I’m liking this more and more. I’m still surprised by the amount of color in these fabrics, but it feels a little like it’s calming down some with the addition of more blocks. It will be interesting to see how it changes as I get more blocks on the design wall.

A friend of mine really liked the scrappy batik wedge quilt I finished up a few weeks ago. You can see it in this post. She liked it so much she decided to make one for herself. She sent me a photo tonight of what she has done, and it made me laugh because it looks EXACTLY like mine!!!


I saw a quilt like this on Instagram tonight but they had laid the rows of wedges out horizontally instead of in vertical columns. I liked it that way too.

That same friend reminded me of a quilt we had seen in the window of Sisters Quilt Shop in Chehalis, Washington some time ago… and she reminded me that I had purchased this pattern. It’s a simple pattern, but works really well with Kaffe fabrics. This quilt might be in my near future. It would be fun to do this in an eclectic collection of fabrics. My mind is already going on this!

Here’s a sort of terrible photo that was taken through the window.


It feels really cheerful, scrappy, and comfy to me. It has the green heraldic shields fabric in it… and I have a great big piece of that for a backing. I bought it several years ago for $4 a yard!!! I’ve been waiting for the right quilt and this might be it!

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