Six Down, Fourteen to Go

I made two more blocks for my Ruffled Feathers quilt tonight. I’m not sure how long I’m going to be able to keep up the pace of two blocks each night. Even though they are big, they are time consuming.

I decided that I don’t care for one of the fabrics I’m using in these blocks. Well, I’m ok with it in the smaller blocks, but don’t like it in the larger outer rectangles. It’s the blue Jumble at the top left of the photo above. For some reason, it really stands out to me and I just don’t like it. so I will not use the rectangles of this fabric I’ve already cut. I will make an extra block if I have enough fabric when I’m done. If I don’t have enough fabric, I’ll fix this block.

Without that fabric for the outer rectangles, i needed to ad another fabric. So I decided to use the contrast zig zag. It surprises me that i reads a little calmer and grayer than some of the other fabrics. So I think it’s a good addition. You can see it in this block I made tonight.

When I sit down to make blocks, I lay out the fabrics ahead of time and take a picture of what the block looks like prior to sewing. This helps me keep track of the block lay out and avoid having fabrics next to each other that I don’t want next to each other.

Here’s photos of block layouts prior to sewing on the outer round of fabrics.

I refer to the photo several times while constructing each block.

I have a dog training lesson tomorrow night so will probably not get any sewing done. I can use a night off!

13 Replies to “Six Down, Fourteen to Go”

    1. Thanks! I started second guessing my decision about the blue last night and laid more of the blue pieces on top of the completed blocks and it looked terrible! It’s much better without those big blocks of blue.

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  1. Thank you for posting these latest pix…I love this combinational of patterns and colour…so I’m really happy to watch here as it progresses….you inspired me to try making some geese and that exercise left me wondering whether it’s just as easy to make geese using HSTs…my jury is out….

    You’re so lucky to have training classes….I’m envious…all our obedience and tracking trials have been cancelled and it will be another 8 or nine months or longer before I can compete again…what a year… makes quilting inspiration even more important. Thank you ❤️

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    1. I really hate making flying geese. That’s why I made my own paper piecing template. I get them much more precise and even that way. Dog trainers here have been getting ack to classes, but most are not taking new students, that I know of. I’ve chosen todo private lessons rather than go back to class. There are some agility trials happening… but not in Portland. Slowly we’re seeing more competitions opening up. I’m not ready to be out there yet. I’m happy just taking my private lessons for now. I feel like all i do now is work and walk, with some occasional sewing. I do my agility lessons and take a sheep herding lesson each weekend. I love those distractions.


    1. Thanks! It’s kind of a departure for me. I was talking to a friend tonight and she said she can’t decide if she likes it or not! It’s definitely different! I’ve never seen a KFC quilt quite like it!


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