Clearing My Mind and My Design Wall

I’m really getting itching to start a new quilt, but I promised myself that I would finish this Aboriginal top before I start a new project. And today, I did it!

This is an almost exact duplicate of a quilt I finished a few months ago.

Here’s the first quilt.

I had so many blocks over that I only had to add a few to make another quilt top. The first one is for my brother and his wife and this new one will be a holiday gift for a nephew.

I really wanted to clear my sewing room of this project before I started a new one, but I also wanted to clear my brain so that I could embrace my new quilt.

And now I have two quilt backs to finish and get FOUR quilts off to my long arm quilter to get done in time for the holidays. Time is wasting!

I’ve pretty much decided that I’m going to start the black Kaffe Fassett Collective fabrics first. I want to do something new before I dive into a second Ruffled Feathers quilt.

I’ll probably start cutting tomorrow night.

8 Replies to “Clearing My Mind and My Design Wall”

  1. It’s really interesting…. Your new quilt has a slightly greater incidence of golden and red colours, and the earlier one a slightly greater incidence of pinky-purple and blue. The new one is Outback Dawn and the older version is Outback Dusk 🙂

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    1. this one has been in an unfinished state for a couple of months. the blocks were mostly done until about two weeks ago when I dug in and finished the sashing. It’s been on my design wall since then. It feels really good to have it done!


    1. I’ve purchased most of the Aboriginal fabrics at local quilt stores over the last couple years. I have purchased a few pieces online, but I can’t remember where. You can probably do a Google search and find online shops that sell them. Sorry I’m not more help.


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