Not Sure I Should Call This a Black Quilt

I had a very productive evening! I decided yesterday that I would make the black KFC fabrics top next. And tonight I got my fabrics all prepped and cut and this quilt is all up on the design wall.

I’m having a hard time calling this a “black” quilt. There’s just so much vibrant color in all those fabrics.

I still have some tweaking to do before I start sewing these blocks together. And, once again, I’m not sure I’m going to leave the large blue jumble blocks in the quilt. They really stand out to me. I have plenty of fabric left over to cut a couple more squares. I’ll give this a little thought, but looking at this photo… they will probably come out.

The pattern is by Sweet Jane and is called Flowers in the Garden. I purchased the pattern at a quilt store a few years ago, but it’s available on Etsy here.

Here’s a few more close up views of this gorgeous selection of fabrics.

There’s something very satisfying to me about the left over shreds of scraps from cutting out the pieces for a quilt.

Next step is to give it a really good look on the design wall, call it done and start sewing. The blocks are big — there are only 30 blocks in this quilt.

16 Replies to “Not Sure I Should Call This a Black Quilt”

    1. I’m really hoping I can get a photo of this when it’s done that shows what it really looks like. I’m really happy with it, but it surprises me that it doesn’t feel more black! I think the black on the fabrics just tends to make the colors really POP!

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    1. … and walking… the air is back to normal and we are back to our twice daily walks. We are all much happier! I have one sleeping dog on the sofa next to me right now, and another one zonked out in front of the fireplace. We’re all much happier!


    1. I give some quilts as gifts, and I’ve sold a couple. I also have several finished quilts folded up in my closet. I use a couple that I made. And right now, I have four that are ready to go to my long arm quilter for holiday gifts. Plus… I have a bunch of finished tops just hanging out until I figure what to do with them. I won’t pay to have them quilted until I have a use for them.

      And selvedges? I don’t save them. I’m so frugal that I only cut off what I absolutely have to. Plus, I have enough scraps!!!


    1. I have a good amount of these fabrics left over after cutting all the pieces for this top, so used several different fabrics to fill the spaces of the jumble. And taking it out was a really good decision. It’s so much bbetter without the jumble.


    1. Thanks! My favorite part of making a quilt is selecting the fabrics. And I know that when I put together a combo that makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up… THAT’s going to make a pretty quilt! I certainly got this all cut and up on the design wall much faster than I thought I would. I’m going to start sewing some blocks tonight.


  1. I really like that blue jumble, but my suggestion is to remove the large pieces and just use the blue jumble small squares placed here and there. I think they would blend in better. They would be a good contrast to all the other bright colors.

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    1. Nope. It just felt too wrong for me, and when I looked at the quilt, that blue jumble was all I saw! It’s gone, replaced with other fabrics that appear here, and it’s so much better without it! that’s the good part of putting all the pieces up on the design wall before you start sewing blocks together. You can change your mind… a lot!


      1. I agree! I have a permanent design wall and it’s always in use. I like your new layout, but I still like the blue Jumble. One of the things I like best about fabric art is you get to make it YOUR way. Friends can make comments but when push comes to shove we make our own choices.

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