Kaffe Lucky Stars is Done

This thing went together crazy fast once I got everything where I wanted it.

I assembled each row as I finshed the blocks for that row, and then attached row to row as I went. So once I finished the last block, I only had a couple of long seams to sew.

Things I learned while making this quilt: If I make this again, I’ll use more fabrics. While the selection of fabrics looks good to me, it was a little tough to get it all laid out without getting clumps of color or same fabrics right next to each other.

Here’s some closer photos that show the fabrics better.

Here’s a list of the fabrics I used in this quilt:

Kaffe’s Antwerp Flowers in green

Kaffe’s Paisley Jungle in Tangerine

Kaffe’s Persian Garden in orange

Philip Jacobs Feathers in Green

Philip Jacobs Coleus in Turquois

Kaffe’s Lotus Leaf in Purple

Philip Jacobs Geodes in Yellow

Philip Jacobs Dancing Dahlias in Red

Philip Jacobs Poppy Garden in Red

Philip Jacobs Feathers in Yellow

The white with black spots background is a batik that I bought years ago. I don’t know who made it and I’ve never seen it since.

21 Replies to “Kaffe Lucky Stars is Done”

  1. Absolutely stunning! You’re right – more fabrics does make placement easier. When I made mine, I just used everything in my stash that was tropical or green leaves. I lived in FL at the time so finding the right fabrics in my stash was easy. If you do another one, would you concentrate on darker, or blues maybe? You must sew until the wee hours of the morning to accomplish all that you do!

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    1. Not sure what I would do if I was to make another one, but I do like the idea of maybe doing something monochromatic. Maybe focus on two colors… been wanting to do something in red and turquoise. . .


  2. Hello Anne! Try this: Pen and Ink – Dots Pepper Yardage
    by Studio RK for Robert Kaufman @ Missouri Q Co is similar. Also, doesn’t your most beautiful quilt (which is now my lock screen on my phone) have blue melon?

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    1. I had originally put the blue melon in the collection of fabrics I had pulled, but removed it in favor of the green feathers.

      Thanks for the link on the fabric. I’ll check it out.


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