Pandemic Quilt Finishes

I’ve been pretty productive during the pandemic in my quilting endeavors. The other night I was trying to remember all the quilts I’ve either finished or made since March 13, which was the first day I started working from home.

I count four finishes and six new quilts. That’s kind of a crazy number of quilts in that amount of time for me!

First off, here are the four quilts that were begun prior to the pandemic but were finished after the COVID crisis started.

Aboriginal quilt on my own design:

Scrappy batik Lucky Stars Quilt:

Scrappy blue hexagon quilt out of KFC fabrics on my own design:

KFC Crumb quilt on my own design:

And now the six quilts that were completely made after March 13…

Scrappy batik wedge quilt. I made this in several days after seeing something similar on a blog.

KFC Moss Garden Quilt:

Ruffled Feathers quilt top made with KFC fabrics in the contrast color way:

Second Aboriginal quilt made from leftover blocks:

Flower Garden pattern made from dark KFC fabrics.

And then my most recent finish, the Lucky Stars quilt in KFC fabrics.

Next up will be finishing two UFO quilts that I’m making for myself. One for my bedroom and one for my guest room.

I had a little project I needed to get done before I could finish those two quilts. More on this tomorrow.

10 Replies to “Pandemic Quilt Finishes”

    1. Haha! Yes. I am saving some time each day by not commuting. I also make patterns that make up pretty quickly. I’m going to finish up a couple of UFOs next, and then I’m contemplating something a little more time consuming after that… nothing too fussy because I just don’t want to make fussy quilts, but something that involves more piecing per block.


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