Improv Batik Blocks are Done… and Now I Wait

I finished the last two sets of improv batik blocks after dinner tonight. And now I have to wait for the sashing fabric to arrive. I ordered it from an online store that is notorious for slow delivery. So I might have the fabric in time to start sashing these blocks on Christmas day!

The colors in that photo aren’t quite true. It’s really hard to get accurate photos with just a phone.

I was on the phone with a friend of mine tonight and she asked me what I was going to use for the backing for this quilt when I remembered that I had purchased this piece of Philip Jacob’s fabric a couple of years ago. I was pretty sure there was enough for a backing. So I dug into my large fabric pieces and pulled it out.

It’s from Philip’s Tribal collection from Snow Leopard Designs. I’m pretty sure it’s out of print now.

And I LOVE the way it looks with these blocks and sashing! It’s a really fun and vibrant option for this quilt.

Here’s a more close up view.

I had a bit of a sleep in this morning and then had a good breakfast with a really wonderful cup of French press coffee. I headed out for a long walk with the dogs at about 11:45. We were on the trail by 12:30.

We went back out to the Banks Vernonia trail and we lucked out on the weather. It was cloudy for our entire walk — a typical damp Pacific Northwest Day, but the rain stayed away until we were in the car and ready to head home.

We walked about 7.25 miles and could have walked a few more.

I took this picture with my phone propped up on a tree stump on a little octopus tripod. I think it might have taken nearly 20 minutes to get a decent photo!!! But I like this one. I love the way the dogs are looking at me… like they’re wondering what the heck I’m doing.

When 2020 began I committed to losing 60 pounds by my birthday. Today I celebrated my 60th trip around the sun with a 7 mile walk on the Banks Vernonia Trail — 68.5 lbs lighter.

These good boys and I have walked more than 1,650 miles since the first of February— that’s the equivalent of walking from Portland to Omaha.

When I got home from our walk today there were two big packages on my porch. One was my weekly produce box. The other was a huge box of flowers. When i got them open, I was unable to find anything that told me who had sent them. But I had my suspicions.

So I called my friend Linda, and they were from her. It’s a really pretty bouquet and it arrived in fantastic shape. It looks like it will last for quite a few days. My house smells fantastic!

I have made arrangements to walk with friends tomorrow and Friday. Saturday I’m heading back up to the Olympia, WA area to do a little sheep herding. It does me so much good to get outdoors and get fresh air and physical activity on my days off! Helps me tolerate the stagnant week days working at home

A friend is bringing me some Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. I’m really looking forward to it. And she’s promised to bring a lot of left overs too… my favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner.

Should be a good weekend!

13 Replies to “Improv Batik Blocks are Done… and Now I Wait”

  1. Happy Thanksgiving! I love the backing fabric you’ve chosen for your newest quilt. It’s perfect. The time you took to get the photo of you and the boys was worth it – great photo. And, congratulations on your weight loss! I’m sure all the walking you do helped. Have a great day! 😎

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    1. the walking helped get the weight off, but it’s improved my overall health too! I feel so much better! It’s really an incentive to keep walking during the dark and wet winter here!


  2. Love the photo and your fur babies adoringly looking at their Mom. Congratulations on your wonderful achievement. I’ve lost 15# since the first of the year and it is a never ending battle but feel so much better. Happy Thanksgiving! Love the quilt and the backing is perfect.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Even a modest weight loss makes a difference, but for me it’s the walking that’s making me feel better. It does help get the weight off, but it’s so good for so much more! I feel better now than I have for years!


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