Get This Thing Off My Design Wall!

I did it. I FORCED myself to finish sewing this quilt to together this evening so I can move onto other projects that make me happier.

I will eventually add a small off white border to this and then add some wider indigo borders to make this read more blue.

But I have no plans for it so am not in a hurry. And Bender agrees that this quilt is quite boring.

The second I got this done I tossed it back onto the design wall to snap a photo and then folded it immediately.

Next I put my sunburst scrappy blocks up on one of my design walls because I wanted to see how many more blocks I need to make.

That’s all 60 blocks that I have made. It looks like I need at least six more blocks, plus the setting triangles… which will be made from full blocks cut in half. I have plenty of scraps to finish this up and these sew up fast for me.

That photo really doesn’t do this quilt justice.

That’s closer to true colors.

Next I tossed my improv batik blocks up on the design wall, just because I wanted to see them all together.

I still need to figure out how wide I’m going to make the sashing and then decide on a final size for the quilt. I’m thinking I’ll cut the indigo batik sashings to 2 inches and then I’ll add a wider border of the indigo batik. I’ll have to play with it once my sashing fabric arrives. I do have enough pieces of these batiks left over to make one more block in each color combo. If I don’t need them for the front, I’ll use them in the backing.

These blocks will eventually be arranged in a more random manner. This quilt will look completely different once the sashing is added.

Of course I’m thinking about what quilt I’ll make next. It will certainly be from KFC fabrics. Yellows or reds, flying geese or big blocks. So many options!

4 Replies to “Get This Thing Off My Design Wall!”

  1. So many options indeed – hooray for moving that ‘boring’ quilt off the design wall (I feel what you described about forcing yourself to sew blocks together – happens here, too). LOVE the other two you shared today – the colors, the energy, the vibe – all of it!

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    1. Thanks! I’m itching to get moving on that batik one but still waiting on the indigo fabric. I’m going to dig into the last few blocks for that scrappy KFC quilt tomorrow. These fabrics are much more my happy place!


    1. I think I’ve probably made that mistake before
      Wanda! I was planning on making the triangles a little bigger and then trimming them to size. So… if the blocks are 8.5 inches, I’d need to add 3.8 inch to that block size before I cut it in half to get the right size triangle… is that right? So 8 7/8 inches cut in half. Thanks Wanda!


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