Still Waiting For My Indigo Batik

I’ve been waiting and waiting for my indigo batik to show up so I can get moving on the sashing for my improv batik quilt. A week after I placed my order, I finally got an email letting me know it had shipped. I’m guessing that I won’t actually receive it until next week.

I did cut some ugly batik scrap into a block to test the size I need for the setting triangles for my scrappy quarter log cabin quilt made from KFC scraps with the happy little sunbursts.

I need to get moving on the final blocks for that as I wait for fabric to arrive.

Over the last few days I’ve been dealing with a leak in the water line coming into my house. After dealing with all kinds of logistics, the plumber had a cancellation and had someone at my house this morning and had it all taken care of in about three hours. Initially, it looked like I wouldn’t be able to get a plumber to my house for at least a week.

This photo shows the water from the leak that had pooled near my porch and foundation. They found a huge tree root in there that had basically pushed the pipe to the side and broke it! I was really happy when they told me that my crawl space was dry as a bone!

I’m always quite anxious when dealing with issues like this. The unknown makes me very uneasy and I’ve been on edge for over a week now. It feels good to have it fixed so I can stop thinking about it!

I have been doing a little sewing over the last few evenings. I’m working on finishing up four zipper pouch sets that I’ve had all cut and ready to assemble for over a year. This is a total of 12 pouches in various sizes. I’ve been making these four sets assembly line style and I should have them all done tomorrow evening.

Here’s four sets, partially done.

Here’s one partially assembled set.

I’ve sold a lot of these pouch sets over the years. I’m guessing I’ve made at least a hundred sets, mostly in batiks. I’ve sold them during the holidays and during my summer vacations for several years now.

I have 8 sets that I made last year and didn’t sell. I’ll add these four new sets and will try to sell these this year.

I’m hoping people are looking for gift ideas with the pandemic affecting their ability and desire to shop. But if I don’t sell them all it’s ok. It’s really nice to have a few sets on hand for last minute gifts.

Each set had three pouches of various sizes.

Last night I picked out some Kaffe Fassett Collective fabrics to make Smarfs for holiday gifts for some of my team at work. You can see previous Smarfs I’ve made here. They will make nice gifts and they are quick and fun to make out of these amazing fabrics.

I’m working on some goodie packages for the people in my department at work and am making a hand painted holiday card for each of them. So I got started tonight. These are water color, are about 4×6 inches and will be glued to a blank card. I have eight more to make.

I love painting dramatic skies!

This weekend will be filled with sheep herding. I have my regular lesson on Saturday and then a special lesson with a trainer from Washington on Sunday. The weather looks fantastic and I’m looking forward to being outside with dogs and sheep!

8 Replies to “Still Waiting For My Indigo Batik”

    1. I sold some water color cards last year. The problem is that I can’t keep up with demand, and people don’t want to pay what they’re worth as far as my time goes. I didn’t get any done to sell this year, but I could probably sell all I can make. But when I start making too many of the same thing, the fun goes away for me. And it just becomes a badly paying job!


  1. Hi AnneIs the lime green and yellow bag set available?  If ao, I will take it.If not. How about the lime green an blue set?ThanksCindySent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

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    1. I do sleep, but I tend to stay up way too late! Aren’t those skies fun? And they’re so easy to do. There are a few secrets to making them really work (light keeping it light at the bottom so light shines from behind the trees). But it’s really just smooshing some paint around in water. And voila!


      1. lol, my smooshing some paint around in water doesnt quite look like yours! I am always amazed at artists that can draw and paint without looking at something. I know what I want to do but …. hasn’t progressed much from when I was 7. I do better with the surprising results with tie dye – never bad – and needle and thread. I hope you and the boys have a great and busy weekend! 🙂

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      2. the secret for me in painting is to work within my skill level. I know what I can and can’t do. These little paintings are really very simple, and they are pushing the limits of my ability! I always wanted to try watercolors, so i just dove in!!!


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