Indigo Batik Arrived Today!

And it’s perfect! This photo doesn’t show the richness of the color, but it does show the design. There’s just a little more variation in color than this photo shows. It’s a nice true indigo, but not too dark with touches of aqua and purple. It’s perfect!

I may start getting this cut and onto the blocks tomorrow, but I have to do some arranging on the design wall first to make it feel more random.

Last night I painted another set of four little water colors for holiday cards for people at work. This batch was done with a really pretty teal color, but on the same design. I love this color! It really feels like a cold winter day.

Here’s a close up of one card. I just love these!

I need to paint five more. I’ll start them tonight and finish them up tomorrow.

Tomorrow I’m also going to finish the gussets on the four pouch sets that are nearly done. I have a sheep herding lesson with a guy from Washington at 11 am and have the rest of the day to hunker down at home.

Rico had his weekly herding lesson today and he was awesome. We took a nice long walk in the sun after the lesson. It was so gorgeous! I was in shirt sleeves the entire time and we walked over four miles.

This field is on the campus of Washington State University but it’s sort of isolated and not in view of the campus buildings, which means I don’t have to worry so much about getting cited. So I let the dogs off leash and let them run while I walk laps. Four laps is one mile. It gets me another mile under my belt and they get about 20 minutes of running. We’re all happy.

It was a little cool in the woods. There was actually some ice on the trail in the shady spots, and some of the trail was wet and slick. These boys dumped me on my butt on one slope! I dug in to keep them from pulling me too fast and my feet slipped out from under me. Down I went!

I got my lighted wreaths up when I got home this afternoon. I had to borrow an extension cord from my neighbor to get the last wreath lit. I don’t have any power outlets on the front of my house so I have to run these cords through the garage. They are all on a timer now. It’s not much but it’s nice to not be completely dark in a neighborhood with more lights being put up every day.

Bonus Christmas border collies on the porch!

8 Replies to “Indigo Batik Arrived Today!”

  1. That indigo batik is perfect and worth waiting for. It’s a challenge and a leap of faith to order fabric online, but after a while you get to know who to buy from. I’ve had pretty good luck ordering online. The problem is waiting for the fabric to arrive. It seems to take forever.

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    1. I typically don’t buy a lot of batiks online because each bolt is so different. But I don’t want to be going to stores right now. I’m pretty comfortable buying KFC fabric online because I’m so familiar with it all. But I did get some KFC fabric for a quilt, and had to order more later and the two pieces were sooooo different I couldn’t use them together! So be sure to buy all you need from the same bolt!!!


  2. Love your new quilt. I have a lot of scraps left over from quilting (boxes) and would love to make a scrappy quilt. Some are very little pieces others fat quarter size. What do you suggest as an easy pattern. I could make quite a few quilts. I have not done anything but collect scraps. I’d like to finish one before Christmas. Now in the process of making a quilt; have it on my quilt wall. Soon as I finish I would like to start my scrappy quilt as a gift.


    1. I love making scrap quilts. One of my favorites is a string quilt. you can see a bunch that I’ve made in this post:

      Missouri Star has a good tutorial to show you how to make these string blocks:

      I also made this crumb quilt from smaller scraps. This was a really fun quilt to make and is really great for smaller scraps. You can find all kinds of videos on YouTube on making crumb blocks.

      This blog post of mine shows a little about how I made and trimmed these blocks:

      I also made this batik wonky log cabin quilt out of scraps. This was really fun to make and the blocks went together quickly:

      Here’s a video I did on making these wonky log cabin blocks:

      And this star quilt was made from batik scraps left over from making zipper pouches, and a friend gave me a pile of her scraps too:

      You can really make about any quilt pattern from scraps. Just dig in!!!


  3. I just discovered your blog a few days ago and have been reading the past posts. I love your quilts, pouches, and bags!! Do you have a tutorial for the bags you posted about on Jan. 1, 2019? I ordered some fabric to make some pouches for friends after seeing your beautiful creations! I started quilting about 2 years ago and also make stamped greeting cards. I’m a dog lover, as well, so I enjoy reading about your adventures with your dogs. I have a lot of friends who do agility or herding. My dog and I do nose work and compete in trials. Thanks for sharing the directions for your projects!

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      1. Yes, those are the shoulder bags I meant. If you ever make a tutorial for them, I’d be interested, especially if the handles were challenging!

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