Wonky Batik Log Cabin Complete!

I finished this quilt top a number of months ago. I didn’t really have a plan for who the quilt would go to, so wasn’t in a hurry to get it quilted. So now it’s done, and I love it!


This is the quilt that is on the header to my blog. It was made from batik scraps that I had saved over several months. I make a lot of batik scraps! And I just love using these beautiful, bright fabrics to make up a fun and exciting quilt.

I just love graphic black and white fabrics with bright batiks. They work so well together. I had originally purchased some zebra print fabric for this sashing after searching for the right fabric for several months.  But after putting it next to the batik blocks, it was just too black.

I had purchased this sashing fabric during that zebra search… thinking that I could use it if I didn’t find zebra fabric. So funny that I ended up using it anyway!


I took the time to cut the sashing in two different directions so the waves would be going in the same direction across this quilt. I think it was worth doing. I really like the effect it gives the sashing.

I used a quilting pattern called Sticky Buns and the thread is a light gray. I’ve used this pattern on several quilts and I really like it. I love a curvy quilting design with the straight lines of blocks.


I just LOVE the cow-ish print fabric on the back. It’s so fun and unexpected… and incredibly graphic. It’s a really fun touch to a really fun quilt. And the best part is that I got it on sale for $4 a yard when I was on vacation in the summer of 2018. I bought a lot of it! I had enough for this backing, and I still have a few yards left. It will surely appear in a lot of other projects.

These blocks are pieced free form. I don’t use paper or fabric foundation. Here’s a video I put together for a friend so she could see how I make these blocks.

Wonky Batik Video Tutorial

Here’s some photos of the quilt top before I took it to my long armer, showing some of the detail on the border. I had fun putting all the different black and white fabrics together.


I just LOVE using left over pieces of fabric to come up with something so fun!!!

9 Replies to “Wonky Batik Log Cabin Complete!”

  1. That wonky batik quilt is fabulous! I looked as closely as the computer would allow at the sticky bun quilting pattern. You are right, it looks great with the straight lines of the quilt! The edging and back are a perfect addition.

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  2. Your quilt is wonderful! Batiks are a favorite of mine and I’ve been mixing them with bold black & white graphic prints, too. I love the contrast which makes the batiks look even brighter.


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