Adding Some Pops of Color

It’s been pouring here for days and I’m getting a little tired of it. I didn’t get a walk yesterday afternoon so took a long walk last night, which meant there was no sewing. There was a bit of a break in the rain this afternoon so I took the boys out for a three mile walk, knowing that we would most likely not get a walk tonight. So I had more time this evening to spend on my green batik impulse quilt.

This was feeling a little flat to me and I decided it needed some pops of color. So I dug into my batik 2.5 inch strips and pulled a few to add. Then I pulled a few pieces of fabric from my stash to liven this up.

That’s some of the more colorful strips added to what I had already cut for this quilt. THIS makes me much happier! So I sat down and sewed these six strip sets into blocks tonight and tossed them up on the wall with the existing blocks and it is making me feel better.

It’s not a ton of color, but it’s enough to give this more dimension and make it feel less flat.

I decided to get a good start on the remaining 13 strip sets. So I sewed them all together, pressed and cut them in half, and then sewed them into 4 strips in each set. That’s the most time consuming part of making these.

That photo is a much better representation of the color that I’m adding.

One exciting thing about digging into my batik scraps is that I discovered I have a fun array of fabrics and enough of them to make a scrappy batik 16 patch. I have some ideas for mixing that design up and some batik scraps are a great way to test my idea.

I sold a completed quilt to a friend today. She just got a new border collie puppy with the help of a friend and wanted to thank her. What a great way to let someone know you appreciate what they did for you.

I finished this quilt a little over a year ago. I’m happy to have sold it even though I sort of let it go for a song. I did make a little bit of money on it but I’d hate to have to make a living this way. It’s been sitting in a closet since I got it back from my long arm quilter and I’d rather have someone enjoying it.

You can see a couple of posts on this quilt here and here.

I’m looking forward to ten days of weather coming up that looks like a nice break from all the rain we’ve been having. Plus, Monday is Martin Luther King day so I have another long weekend.

5 Replies to “Adding Some Pops of Color”

  1. Yes! Those pops of color are so unexpected, but yet they are appreciated! The greens really needed something to make them zing (or sing?). I know what you mean by selling a project for a song. It’s better than having it sit in a closet alone and unloved. I once had a friend ask me what I wanted for a baby quilt that I spent many, many hours on. I was willing to sell it for a song, but she said that was too much! I had no problem putting it back in the closet.
    Love your sense of color!


  2. I think you’re quite right about the pops of colour. I also think that the very graphic strips (for example, the spiral design) really help to add movement. It’s looking really good. I hope you get a break from the rain; we’ve had almost non-stop rain for the past couple of weeks, so today with a bit of sunshine the whine of lawn mowers is deafening!

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