Impromptu Green Batik Quilt

I’ve been working away at finishing the blocks for my blue 16 patch quilt and felt like I needed a break so last night I dug into my green batiks and pulled out 16 pieces of fabric and got them all pressed. Today I cut them all into 2.5 inch strips, broke them out into sets, and started sewing.

I’ve been wanting to make a green batik quilt for a while now, and I’ve been wanting to try this quilt pattern too. It starts out with strip sets and goes together really quickly. I want to make one of these out of KFC fabrics, possibly in greens yellows and oranges. I’ve been thinking about that color combo for some time.

Starting something spontaneous like this is a pretty common thing for me to do. I like just deciding to do something and then just doing it!

Here’s a single block. It measures 9.5 inches by about 16 inches. I’ve made 15 out of 36 that I need for the quilt.

Here’s the 16 fabrics I’m using.

Funny, I thought I had a lot of green batiks. I have two plastic bins full. These were the best 16 for this quilt top. When the pandemic is over I’m going to be going about buying fabrics differently. I’ve always just purchased fabrics that I like, with no attention to the value of the pieces I was buying. It’s amazing to see how few light value fabrics I have. In the future I’ll be more deliberate in purchasing fabrics.

I got a lot done on the blue 16 patch quilt this weekend. I sewed up 20 duplicate blocks on Friday night and sewed up an additional 16 blocks yesterday. I have about 15 blocks left to finish up. Then I’ll get the blue blocks up on the design wall and start playing around.

I asked my brother to measure his bed and let me know how big he wants the scrappy sunburst half log cabin quilt to be. They would like it to be 84 by 1-2 inches. So I need to take some time and figure out where it is now and how many more blocks I need to make and what borders I need to add to get it up to size I made 11 blocks Friday night. I’m guessing I’ll need at least 20 more.

8 Replies to “Impromptu Green Batik Quilt”

  1. I’m just entranced by what I can see of the blue 16-patch blocks up on the wall! Your fabric pairing is outstanding. If I could only get my Sew-Jo back, I’d be a happy girl. In the meantime, I’ll just browse thru books and patterns and fondle fabric and eventually I’ll feel like sewing again.

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    1. I definitely go through streaks on my sewing. I’m sort of on a tear right now. I figure it’s good to ride the wave and be productive and creative while it lasts! I hope you get your mojo back soon.


    1. during this pandemic I think it’s especially important to do things that are exciting and interesting. I really need change… i get so bored with the same thing over and over.


  2. I’m surprised sometimes by how much quilting is like writing – when you get a flash of inspiration, it’s such a gift and so fun to run with! (I also have way too many works in progress for both! :)) The fabric combos in that blue quilt are really cool.

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