Big Old Pile of Aboriginal Fabric Scraps

I dug into my bag of Aboriginal fabric scraps and started making crumb blocks for a tote bag last night. I don’t know why, but I tend to think of Aboriginal fabrics as being darker in tone. I wanted to see how these crumb blocks would look when they’re assembled so I lined them up on my cutting table. And what do you know… not very dark at all!

Here’s a closer look:

Pretty darned vibrant and colorful. I just love these fabrics!

A couple of years ago a friend of mine gave me a ridiculous pile of Aboriginal scraps, including around 50 2.5 inch WOF strips, tons of strips of varying widths, smaller pieces perfect for crumb piecing, and a pile of larger scraps.

I plan to eventually make a string quilt from these scraps. There’s probably enough that I can save the 2.5 inch strips for a 16 patch or trip quilt.

I think I have enough crumbs made for at least two Frankenbags. I’ll have to make some accent blocks since I don’t have any Aboriginal orphan blocks.

I just love little piles of trimmings!

The darker brown piece of faux leather I ordered was delivered today. I really like the color. It’s not as dark as I thought it would. It’s a nice rich brown. The top one is what I used on the border collie bag.

The darker one feels a little thicker and stiffer. I think it will still sew up ok, but I’ll keep an eye on it. Some denim sewing machine needles I ordered were also delivered today.

Three more blog readers have sent me photos of their tote bags made from my Frankenbag tutorial. It’s really fun to see the different style of each person show so nicely in their bags.

This bright and sunny bag was made by Elizabeth Wellenstein. I just love the colors and fabrics! I really like the straight line quilting too. I need to incorporate that in an upcoming bag.

This next bag was made by Susanne Biso. I just LOVE the modern feel of this one. It’s really a cool approach to this bag. And I love the little key fob she added to the pocket. This one gives me all kinds of ideas!

This last one was made by Sheila Plock. I love the diagonal strips on that large block. And the colors on the crumb piecing on the back are pretty fabulous.

She also used that gorgeous Philip Jacobs Padma for her lining. It’s so fabulous!

Sheila also sent this photo of an adorable Easter dog.

We have been having such an amazing streak of weather here in Portland. It’s been sunny and warm and just perfect. This time of year can be so wonderful here. The cherry trees are in bloom… so beautiful. Here’s one we saw on our walk this evening.

The next ten days look spectacular with lots of sun, no rain, and temps in the high 50s and mid 60s. Perfect spring weather. I think I’m going to have to water my lawn next week. It’s usually pretty rainy here this time of year. I’m guessing the rain will come back soon, but in the mean time I’ll enjoy this glorious weather and the evening light that I love so much.

12 Replies to “Big Old Pile of Aboriginal Fabric Scraps”

  1. You reminded me I have a WIP aboriginal quilt. It needs a border and backing. Then I will have scraps for one of these bags!


  2. All the bags are so pretty! I love the aboriginal fabric with all the dots and it will be a gorgeous bag too. The Easter dog – too cute šŸ„°


  3. Loved your bags, going to start one today, you posted a photo of a pile of trimmings, I had a pile of these from a Kaffe Quilt and I made a little bird nest weaving them in a wire rain gutter cap. I would send a picture but don’t see a way to do that here.


  4. I love the Australian aboriginality fabrics. I made one quilt with them and backed it with mosaics by Kaffe. Just ordered a selections of blacks I want to sew up. I have too many quilts in my head I want to sew. All in due time. I really enjoy your blogs about your work and your dogs. Can’t wait to see your new addition to the family.


  5. I love all of your bags. Thanks for the tutorial on making them. Where did you order the faux suede for the handles? I have lots of Kaffe Fassett scraps that need to be turned into bags. Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I added some info on the changes I made to my handles (length and placement) at the bottom of the tutorial. It includes a link to where I bought the “pleather.”


  6. Those all look lovely. I would love to see your string quilt when it’s done. Those fabrics will make the most cozy and vivid quilt ever!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha! I do that all the time! Those piles of tiny trimmings are just so pretty! I actually really like squaring up blocks… and that always involves a pretty little pile of strings!


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