Too Tired to Finish

I’m so close to having this Aboriginal Frankenbag done, but I’m just too tired to do the final finishing. All I have left to do is sew in the lining and top stitch the top of the bag. The handles are from the darker faux leather I purchased.

I like to have a nice finish at the top of the bag… even sewing, nice pressing, and even top stitching. If you go to all the trouble of making a nice bag and then make a mess of the final piece that is the most visible, all the care is for naught. I’m so tired from a stressful week of work that I decided to stop at this point and finish it up tomorrow night when I’m more fresh.

Here’s the back of this bag:

That’s the lining under the bag. I just love that print! This fabric is left over from a backing I made for my Social Distancing quilt. That blog post shows the lining. This one shows the quilt top.

I just love these Aboriginal fabrics. The designs are so intricate and free form, and the colors are amazing. I might have to keep this one. But then I say that with every one I make!

Look at some of the fun little details in these fabrics.

I switched up the quilting on this one a little. I still did the match stick quilting at the top of the bag because I like the structure it brings. But I did the body of the bag with straight line quilting, spaced about 3.8 inch apart.

Tomorrow (Friday) is Bender’s eighth birthday! I can’t believe that I’m already seeing his face turn white. He felt very special today as he was the only dog who got to go with me on our two walks. Rico tweaked his back at our agility lesson last night and had to stay home by himself. He was not happy about this situation! I will cook a peanut butter, carrot and honey birthday cake for him tomorrow night. Rico will get some too.

Facebook fed me this memory of my Parson Russell Terriers Forrest (left) and Skeeter yesterday. Look how cute they were! This photo was taken shortly before Bender was born. We were anxiously waiting for news that a boy border collie was born and would be on his way to us!

I lost my magnificent Forrest about 3.5 years ago when he was 14.5 years old. I loved that dog like I’ll never love another dog. Skeeter is living with a friend of mine on Vashon Island, Washington. She has a pretty amazing life and is thriving.

I went out this afternoon to check on my apple tree and was happy to see some really healthy looking buds.

This tree can be really hit and miss on how much fruit it produces. Two summers ago I was buried in apples. I just couldn’t keep up. I was making a batch of apple sauce and a dehydrator full of apple slices every evening and still couldn’t keep up. Last year I barely had any apples.

I had my yard guy prune this tree way back a few weeks ago. But he left me a couple branches that are the ones that usually bear the most fruit. So I’m hopeful that I’ll have a reasonable amount of apples this year.

Look at the amazing weather we have coming up. It would normally be raining at this time of year. I actually had to water a portion of my lawn this afternoon.

12 Replies to “Too Tired to Finish”

  1. This bag is absolutely gorgeous! Always sensible to put down when you are tired. I’ve made mistakes when I’ve forced myself!!

    Have a great weekend

    Sue (London) x

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    1. Yes! It’s usually when I’m tired that I do something stupid like sew the lining in wrong side out. Although I’m anxious to see this done, I’m happy to wait so I don’t have to pick out stitches!


  2. Aww, sweet Bender – happy,happy birthday 🥳!!!! Such a handsome sweetie ❤️. Forrest and skeeter are so adorable, I know you miss them terribly. I also love the bag lining for this bag❤️❤️❤️❤️


  3. I’m sorry to hear Rico got hurt. Rest is the best medicine but dogs hate to miss out on any fun. I hope he feels better soon

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    1. He missed two walks in one day and he WAS NOT happy about it!! I have a friend who is a canine sports massage person and she checked him out today. He’s on the mend and will be fine. And good news… walks are A-okay!!!


  4. How can you not love Bender with that sweet face and he is so patient. I hope Rico feels better soon and your other two pups were adorable too. I lost my 14 year old Anni Louise Pekingese about 1 1/2 years ago. She also had an adorable sweet face and I miss her so much. Sending a virtual hug to Bender and Rico. Thanks for sharing and the purse is amazing like all of your purses. Love them.

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    1. Most of what I have in my stash was purchased at local quilt stores or stores I visited while I was traveling. I don’t know if I’ve ever purchased Aboriginal fabrics online. I do know there’s a shop here in POrtand that sells them online and ships. Check out They have a pretty good selection right now. They also have a good selection of Kaffe Fassett Fabrics. I really love this little shop and the women who work there are fantastic too!


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