Friday Night Finish

Holy cow! Am I glad that work week is over! Come on, weekend!

I had to work until after 8 pm tonight to get my annual budget ready to be submitted. Phew! What a ton of work.

Relaxed with a little time in the sewing room and finished up this Aboriginal fabric Frankenbag. And I just LOVE it!

I’m pretty sure this bag will be living with me. I can just picture myself carrying this through an airport some day.

I love that panel of thin strips on the right side of this bag too. I’m going to doing a little more of that in future bags.

I also finished up the body of this second border collie bag. The pieced panels were already made. Tonight I made the quilt sandwiches, quilted the two panels, made the handles and assembled the outside of the bag. So all I have to do now is make the lining and sew it in.

I’m thinking I might use that bold black and white cow print for the lining. I just love that fabric! I bought about nine yards of it several years ago at a ridiculously low price. Maybe I’m the only one in the US who likes this cow print!

Today is Bender’s eighth birthday! I can’t believe he’s eight already.

This photo was taken by my friend Heather when Bender was about a year old. Heather is an amazing photographer. She loves to take photos of dogs and puppies. She took photos of Bender every week from the time I brought him home at eight weeks old until he hit the six month mark. There are a LOT of photos of bender as a puppy.

Work kept me from baking him our traditional peanut butter, carrot and honey cake tonight. I’ll make one for him in the morning.

12 Replies to “Friday Night Finish”

  1. Happy birthday, Bender!
    I really like the Frankenbags. I have a lot of scraps from a William Morris quilt I made and will make one. Thanks for the idea.

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  2. Your Aboriginal bag will be the envy of everyone who sees you at the airport! The cow print lining for the next bag is a perfect fit, and that picture of your dog is one of the best I’ve seen. It looks almost like a painting. Your friend is quite the photographer!

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    1. Thank you Tracy! I love that cow print. I think it will be really fun with that bag.

      and yes… my friend is an excellent photographer! I’m really lucky to have such fantastic photos of my dogs.


    1. I’ve been buying pieces of Aboriginal prints for a couple of years now. Just started sewing with them this year, and I Love them! And I love that photo of Bender. I had it blown up and printed on a canvas and it hangs in my eat in kitchen.


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