Blue Sunbursts and Hot, Hot, Hot

I’ve been feeling a little like my creative juices are running low. I’ve even been thinking this might be a good time to take my sewing machine in for servicing. Then, by the time I get it back I’ll be itching to get going again on new projects.

But tonight I had a little inspiration and whipped up this panel for a Frankenbag.

I’ve been thinking for a few weeks about pulling out the blue sunburst fabric and using it in a bag. So last night I did just that and pulled some fabrics from my stash to go with it.

After having these on my cutting table for a day, I put some of them back in the drawer, then cut some strips and started putting it all together. And I do like the way the panel came together. I’ll make the second one tomorrow night.

Got some photos of a really cool bag from Amy Bell Buehler. And I just LOVE this bag! That little fish is so fantastic. And I love the earthy colors, fun crumb piecing, and those wonderful pops of turquoise here and there. This is just such a winner! Nice job Amy!

I’m having a bit of a hard time easing back into work after my vacation. I’m thinking I’m going to schedule another week off in July. I still have over four weeks of vacation available and am still feeling like I need some time off.

It was a hot one today. It got up to well over 90 degrees. So I took our mid day walk at around 11:30 this morning before it got too hot. We had to stop midway and rest, mostly because I was really hungry! These boys did not understand what this sitting thing was all about.

For our evening walk, we waited until 8 pm to get out and it was still 90 degrees! But it didn’t feel as hot because the sun was down and there was a light breeze. We still had to take a pass through the park so the boys could wet their whistles.

Tomorrow will be hot again and then the weather will get back into the mid 60s and cloudy for a few days. That will be a welcome change. It’s too early to be so hot.

14 Replies to “Blue Sunbursts and Hot, Hot, Hot”

  1. Those sun bursts! With the yellow! I love it. The fish is so darn fun. Turquoise jumble? Who knew? And what is that eyelash/ palm tree fabric? That’s cool

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  2. Love these sunbursts! I am just now digging into my actual “ fabric” , as opposed to scraps and I am amazed what is there! Your blog is so great for inspiration!

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    1. Yup, I’ve moved on from scraps and have dug into my stash. But I’m keeping all these fabrics in color families so they’re easier to deal with. So when I wanted to make this, I pulled out the sunburst fabric, then pulled out my blue “scraps,” and then added a few pieces from my stash… which are now part of my blue scraps.

      It’s a circle that will never end!!!



  3. Your blue/green Frankenbag made me gasp!!! Those fabrics are just so fabulous. That’s what I like most about the Kaffe fabrics – they work so well together. I think taking another week or two of vacation is a very good idea as one week is never enough.


    1. Yup. These KFC fabrics do work so well together. You can combine almost anything and it will work. But for me, what really makes them work, is a pop of unexpected color… like the bright greens in this. They really make it pop!



    1. It’s way too hot and way too dry. I’m really worried about fires this summer. Luckily, the temps will be dropping in the next few days but no rain in sight.



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