Loving These Blue Sunbursts

I finished up the second blue sunburst bag panel this evening and I got the first panel quilted before I got too tired.

I wasn’t completely sure about this fabric combo, but I’m really liking how this looks. It’s always surprising to me how different fabrics look once they’re sewn together. That simple process of combining them all into one piece of fabric completely transforms what can seem like pieces that don’t make sense together into something that is cohesive and makes total sense. It’s like magic!

Here’s both panels together. They’re pretty similar. Small differences.

And here’s larger photos of each panel… just because it’s fun to just look at these fabrics!!!!

Haven’t decided yet which is the front and which is the back. Probably won’t know until I get the bag body assembled. Could go either way.

I might get this bag finished up tomorrow night.

I keep getting more and more photos of Frankenbags from blog readers. And I’m amazed at what people are coming up with.

Here’s one from Eve Nicholls. She made this from flannel blocks and lined it with linen. It’s all sewn by hand and hand quilted. Eve opted to not include batting because her fabrics were pretty thick and the bag had good body and structure without it.

I’m terribly envious of people who can do hand work and I wish I could do it. Unfortunately, my hands just can’t take it. I’ve got terrible hands, the result of a lot of repetitive work I’ve done over the years knitting, crocheting, and braiding dog leashes and toys.

This next bag is from Terry Perkinson. When I scrolled to the first photo in Terry’s email I literally gasped!!! There is just something about these bright and bold prints with graphic black and white fabrics that just knocks me out! In addition to that, I love the bold shapes and intersecting diagonal lines. And there’s a peek of a very fun orange lining! OOF! I love this one!

This fun summery bag was made by Dana Olness. To me it feels like a picnic on a summer day! And I love her very organic wavy quilting. I think I need to do a few more bags with wavy lines. And I have to say that bandana print lining is so sweet! I just love it that so many people are really going for it with their linings!

These last two bags are from Maureen Parsons. I love the scrappy approach and color combos of these bags. Plus, they’re made with batiks… and I LOVE batiks! Take a closer look at the green bag for the sweet little applique leaves. And what I really love is that it looks like Maureen is already using one of these bags! I just love it when people actually use the things they make. A large part of an item’s beauty is its functionality!

It was hot again today but not as hot as yesterday. I’m happy that it will be cooling down over the next few days, but there’s not much rain in the forecast. We really need some rain. it’s just way too dry and way too hot her for this time of year.

Our afternoon walks have us choosing the shady routes that take us past watering holes.

But I’m pretty sure these boys might walk through fire to get their walks!

3 Replies to “Loving These Blue Sunbursts”

    1. I think it is best when fussy cut, but I’ve also seen it used in big pieces for backings and other applications. And it’s pretty fantastic.

      It would make a great lining! But it’s getting so hard to find that I’m tending to hoard what I have. I’m going to see if I can find some of the blue online and get a couple yards. Then I can use some to line this bag.



    2. Wanda; You convinced me. I went online last night and ordered more of the blue sunburst fabric so I can use it for the lining. This bag is just screaming for it!


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