Blue Sunburst Body Done, and Now I Wait

I finished up the body for this blue sunburst Frankenbag after our walk this evening. And I absolutely love this bag! Definitely one of my favorites.

And the other side…

The side views are interesting too…

And now I’m going to have to wait to finish this because I’ve ordered something special for the lining. But in the mean time I’m planning my next bag…

I’ve been wanting to make a bag out of purples. I’m basing this combo on the coleus fabric at the very top. I will do some editing of these fabrics, but this is a good start. I may include a couple little starbursts here and there. There are a few that are purple and green.

I got some photos of Frankenbags from a couple more blog readers in the last few days.

Here’s one from Antoinette Todd. I really love this scrappy combo of fabrics. Its so casual and comfortable! And I do love those little pops of turquoise.

And here’s another one from Cherry Naylor. I really love that chips fabric. It’s so graphic. I also love how these fabrics are a little more primary colors. I also really like the bold vertical pieces in this bag, all broken up with the little HST block on point.

I think Cherry might be hooked!

Thanks to Cherry and Antoinette for sending me their photos!

I took a picture of the back of my hair the other night because it felt like it was getting really long. I haven’t had it cut since February 2020. That’s nearly 18 months!

I don’t remember the last time my hair was this long. And I’ve been getting really anxious to get it cut. And since I’m fully vaccinated and I have a neighbor who is a hairdresser who is also fully vaccinated, I asked her this morning if she could get me in today. She had an opening in the afternoon and this is the result.

It feels SOOOO GOOD to have it cut! And I love all the curl she was able to get out of it. She told me it will continue to get curlier as it adjusts to the cut. She cut a full three inches off of it and it’s still longer than it’s been in years. It will be interesting to see what I can do with it after I wash it.

She even trimmed my crazy eyebrows!

I’m happy to report that my strawberry plants are sort of going crazy! The biggest one is about as big around as a quarter and the pips are turning red!

I’m thinking I might actually get enough strawberries that I can eat more than one at a time!

Hello weekend!!!

24 Replies to “Blue Sunburst Body Done, and Now I Wait”

  1. Hello agilejack.

    A few things I want to say.  When, by pure chance, I found some of your beautiful quilts on the net (possibly via Pinterest) I was so very excited and thought at first you were in Portland, Victoria, Australia – especially with photos of your border collie type dogs and photos by the sea.  Alas no, you are in Portland, Oregon, USA.  However, I loved your first version of Ruffled Feathers and immediately bought the pattern and started making it.   The other day I sat and worked my way through all your blog posts from the very beginning.  So enjoyable.  The Frankenbags are so amazing and stunning but I am yet to make one.  I will though, most definitely and hope they are as fabulous as all the ones I have seen so far, made by you and your fellow creatives.

    I know the pain of not getting a haircut for a very long time too.  Nice haircut and fresh look for you today.

    Cheers from Australia,  Libby

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    1. Libby;

      Thanks so much for your amazing comment! I’ve had so much fun connecting with people all over the world who love working with fabric as much as I do. It’s so much fun getting to share what I love doing so much. I love making things, and hearing from others who enjoy them has been really heartening.

      I hope you do make a bag. It’s been really fun for me to actually finish projects! I’ve sewn a lot of quilt tops during this pandemic but haven’t finished one quilt! So these relatively quick finishes has been really fun.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, and I learned something from you. I didn’t know there was Portland in Victoria!



  2. Your blue & green bag turned out so pretty, love the lime green 🙂 The purples & green look so good together you have pulled! I love your new haircut and in the photo seeing Bender watch you so adoringly 🙂

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    1. I’m pretty happy with this sunburst bag. It feels cool and quiet. I feel like I need a pop of color in the purple and green one. I’m going to look at those fabrics and see what pop would be good. Maybe something orange or pink. A lot of options with KFC fabrics!

      Bender would sit and stare at me all day long! He loves his mama!



  3. I really love the sunburst flowers! I know I have some of that fabric; I will have to hunt it out and make a bag with it for sure! I emailed pictures to you yesterday of a smaller frankenbag, I’m on a roll and having so much fun with these. I echo the reader above, when your post comes in my email, it’s a must-read. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thanks Amy! It’s nice to know that so many people are finding inspiration from what makes me so happy.

      I got your pictures. I’ll put them in my next blog post. Thanks for sending them!



  4. Got a haircut last week and it’s now shorter than its ever been. I even have a splash of purple painted onto where my hair has some white in the front! I’ve gotten several positive comments on it. I do it because I can … no one to tell me NO! I LOVE the purples and greens you’ve pulled – my fave color combo. I hope you’ve noticed you’re all over Pinterest. Your Frankenbags are a big hit!

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    1. I usually wear my hair shorter, but with infrequent hair cuts during the pandemic, it’s a little easier for me to maintain a longer doo. Maybe I’ll try dyeing a spot of my hair with some koolaid, just for a change!

      And Pinterest… I’m even seeing pictures of ME and the DOGS on Pinterest! That feels a little odd!



  5. I love your work, beautiful. I have a great dog, too, A Belgium Shepard. Lives in my sewing room in Cabo, Mexico. Thank you for sharing your lovely talent! Lynn

    Lynn Margaret Cranmer 661-472-0982

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    1. Lynn; Can’t imagine life without these dogs. They’ve been great company for me during the pandemic. And they bring me lots of smiles.

      Thanks for reading my blog. It’s so much fun to hear from people from all over the world!



    1. Thanks! I’m really loving this one. I’m getting anxious for the lining fabric to arrive so I can see it all done! I also have plans for making some bags with the sunburst fabric in other color ways. A friend is even sending me a piece of the dark color way she has… I can’t find it anywhere.



  6. I love all your bags you are making they are all uniquely beautiful! What are you going to do with them all? Christmas/Birthday gifts? Sell them?

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    1. Thanks! I’m really having fun making these projects. And it’s really fun to actually be finishing stuff.

      Some will be given as gifts, but I’ve also sold a good number of them. I think I’m working on number 22 right now. I have to get rid of them some way! It’s a lot of bags to have hanging around!



      1. 22! That’s incredible! I completely understand the “finishing” part. That’s (one of several) 2021 resolutions I made to myself. I’m doing pretty good so far myself on old UFO projects and I’ve gotten all the fabric in my quilting room sorted/purged re-folded and stored neatly. That in itself was a huge help plus now I know what I’ve got! I probably won’t finish everything this year (you know….life still has to happen too) but I’ll be putting a nice dent in it. Have a great day and thank you for sharing your beautiful creations with all of us.


  7. Not surprised that the blue sunburst bag is your favourite – mine too!
    Super hair cut, mine is just a little longer than yours before your cut and I’m hoping my waves will come back when mine is cut. I have the Sunburst fabrics in all the colourways but thought I’d lost my dark version, found it hidden away last evening so now I can get busy using it!

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    1. Maureen; I’ve purchased pieces of the sunburst over the last year as I’ve seen people making some really fun stuff using them. I have never been able to find the dark so a friend of mine is sending me a small piece of some she has. It’s really a fun fabric to use in projects.



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