These Blues are Making Me Happy

I was able to finish both panels for my next Frankenbag today. I decided to go with darker blues and I’m pretty happy with how these turned out.

I just love those little pops of color here and there.

Here’s both panels. I haven’t decided yet what will be the front and what will be the back.

I made a miscalculation in my measurements on the panel above and had to add that piece of fabric in the lower left corner. That’s the beauty of these bags… if you mess up, just add another piece of fabric. It’s not a mistake. It’s a feature! Plus, the fabric in the corner will end up on the bottom and side of the bag.

Made a mistake on the one above too and had to add an extra piece of fabric at the very bottom of the vertical pattern on the left. Feature!

I fused both panels to fleece so they’re almost ready to quilt. I’ll complete the quilt sandwich tomorrow and get moving.

This looked so pretty on the ironing board.

I finally put my new cutting mat on my cutting table today. I’ve had it for a few months.

My old one was getting really bad. There are several lines on it that are completely worn off.

It was really past time to replace this beast.

I received photos of one more Frankenbag from Bonnie (she didn’t give me her last name). Bonnie said that Several years ago she made a quilt using Tilda fabrics and because she loves the fabric so much she saved every scrap no matter how small. She didn’t know what she was going to make with them until she recently saw my Frankenbag tutorial.

I’m not familiar with Tilda fabrics, but this is really pretty. I like the soft colors and patterns. Bonnie has done some interesting quilting on this too. And look… a zipper placket!!! Thanks for sharing photos Bonnie!

Rico did an amazing job at his sheep herding lesson today. We were working on driving, where he pushes the sheep away from me. His instinct tells him to bring the sheep to me. So driving them away is hard work and requires a lot of training. He did such a fantastic job! It’s so much fun to watch, and all that brain work wears him out.

We met a friend and her dogs for a field run and a dip in the stream after herding. The dogs had an absolute blast and they love my friend’s dogs. Bender and Rico were both exhausted when we got home. Bender took a nice nap on the patio.

After they had a nice nap we tossed the frisbee in the back yard, which required a nice cool down in the pool.

Tomorrow I’m going to force myself to finish the last quilt backing that I wanted to get done this weekend. Then I’ll see if I can hook up with my long arm quilter next week.

14 Replies to “These Blues are Making Me Happy”

    1. It’s quite a fancy pool we have! Good thing the dogs aren’t picky! And blue isn’t my favorite color, but I’m loving the deep blues on this bag. Can’t wait to see it done. the quilting and construction always transforms it!


    1. Thanks and welcome! I’ve been on a bit of a bag jag lately! I got a little burned out on making quilt tops since I made around 20 since the pandemic started. These bags are fun because I can explore a color and fabric combination without committing to a full size quilt. And I can actually FINISH them!!!


    1. I use Leanne at Happy Rock Quilting. Please email me for her number as I don’t want to post it publicly as she might not want me to.

      Oh, and thanks for the piece of fabric! I’m always happy to get fabric, but I agree that it’s not my favorite, but I WILL find something to do with it!

      And thanks for remining me how I know you. Your name looked so familiar when your note arrived.



  1. I just found you and wonder what I have been missing?!? I love every one of your masterpieces. I can’t wait for more inspiration …
    I think that the opportunity to add “features” to any project without having to stress is a blessing, that is really the beauty of giving scraps a second chance to shine.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Welcome! I’m not a someone who enjoys making really intricate and precise blocks. So the more free form approach is really my happy place. I love just digging in on an idea and seeing what happens…. putting together fabrics and colors with some really fun results!


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