I Finished the Projects I Wanted To

It’s a good Sunday when you get done the things you intended to get done.

After our morning walk I hit the sewing room and got my blue Frankenbag panels quilted and finished up the rest of the bag. I really like how this turned out!

Blue is not my favorite color. But I like this blue bag because of all the little pops of color that make it all more exciting.

Here’s the other side of the bag. I went back and forth on whether I should use dark brown or black faux leather for the handles. I decided on the black.

And here’s that little tag I love.

And I love this geode fabric for the lining. It’s bold, but a bold lining is a wonderful thing!

After dinner and our evening walk I hit the sewing room with the intent of finishing the third quilt backing that I wanted to finish this weekend. I finished it up at 11:15.

I used this beautiful dark Aboriginal print and inserted a strip of left over fabric blocks.

These fabrics are so gorgeous and they feel very much like the KFC fabrics. I love working with them.

I really hate wresting with all the bulk of quilt backs. Folding my pieces into a narrower strip and then accordion folding the whole thing into my lap helps me manage it all.

Here’s the finished back folded with about half of the inserted left over blocks showing. It gives you an idea of the colors.

Here’s the quilt top, the backing and the fabric I’ll use for the binding.

It feels really good to know that these five quilts I plan to give as gifts during the holidays are well under way.

I got some photos of another really nice Frankenbag today from Jodi Smith.

I just love this bag! I’ve wanted to combine KFC purples and turquoises for some time. This bag is just pretty and looks really well made. Love it!

I’m starting to feel like I might want to make another 16 patch quilt. Thinking about that.

I also keep looking at my Ice Storm quilt that’s still on my design wall and thinking I should sew the blocks together.

Might start working on that bit by bit.

19 Replies to “I Finished the Projects I Wanted To”

  1. Your blog gives me inspiration each day also! I’ve finally finished a Dresden Plate wall quilt so I can now work on my “Ice Storm” and a quilt for my son in Aboriginal fabrics. I’ve yet to work on a Frankenbag, but I’ll make one very soon!

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    1. I’m somewhat motivated to get my ice storm sewn together. I really need to get it off the design wall. I’m tired of picking up those quilt blocks and putting them back in place!


    1. I have friends that I’ve sworn are part border collie. I’ve never thought of myself that way. Believe me, I spend my share of time dozing on the sofa!!!


      1. Only through the Internet. I’ve followed her blog for years. We’ve recently developed a little correspondence. It’s been really fun to get to chat with her. She’s given a lot to my enthusiasm for this hobby!


  2. I love quilt backs with something interesting going on and this one is really nice. That Ice Storm quilt is going to be gorgeous. I am inspired by your bags and are going to start making some soon.

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  3. I love using blue and those Kaffes are so electric! I need to put my aboriginal quilt top out somewhere so I can remember to get it finished.

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    1. I love batiks. I find that they can vary widely in feel from bolt to bold and brand to brand. Some are soft and smooth, others are more stiff and coarse. I rarely buy them online for these reasons. You just never know what you’re getting. But I do love them!


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