Happy Fifth Birthday Rico!

I can’t believe Rico is five already! He’s just the sweetest and most sensitive dog I’ve ever had. And he has all the enthusiasm you could ever hope for.

I took this photo this morning.

Poor thing. He just hates posing so much. And yet I continue to torture him.

Rico was one of eight puppies born on November 1, 2016. Here he is on the day he was born.

Look at that big old foot!

This is Rico’s mama Mira with her eight puppies. Rico is somewhere in that puppy pile!

Here he is when he was a few weeks old and the puppies were given some goats milk. I’m pretty sure he went swimming in it!

This is Rico at about a month old. He was called Spot until I named him because he has a black spot on his belly.

Here he is at about four weeks old. I would know him anywhere!

This is me and Rico when I flew to Utah to bring him home to Oregon when he was 8 weeks old.

Oh, how I miss those gorgeous mountains!

This photo was taken the same day. Look at how big his feet were! I should have known he’d end up big!

These are the first photos my friend Heather took of Rico when he first came home to Oregon. She’s a wonderful photographer and I’m so lucky to have such amazing photos of my dogs.

Good lord. Just ridiculously cute!


These photos are from Rico’s first hike with all his border collie friends.

Such a sweet expression on his face.

And here he is enjoying the organic Oregon country side.

This photo was taken the day I sneaked Rico into the office to meet everyone there.

That’s a big bag and he didn’t fit in it for very long.

A week or so after I brought Rico home we had a huge snow storm. Forrest got cold out in the snow and Rico cuddled up next to him to keep him warm.

Rico and Bender were destined to be the best of friends.

He was always a beefcake!

I kept track of Rico’s growth by photos in this doorway.

I came home from work one day to find that Hurricane Rico had devastated the kitchen.

This was Rico’s very first trip to the Oregon Coast. I think he liked it.

Every puppy I’ve ever had discovers the toilet paper at some point.

And here’s proof that he actually can be a very bad dog.

This was the very first time Rico met sheep. Little did he know his future would have a lot of sheep in it.

My friend Heather took this photo of Rico to celebrate his first birthday. What a handsome and manly kid!

And Rico is more than just a pretty face. He’s incredibly athletic and talented. Look at all this power and concentration!

And he’s cool and collected when working on sheep.

We celebrated Rico’s birthday tonight with a peanut butter, banana and honey cake I made for him. He did not like waiting for it to cool.

Happy birthday Rico!

56 Replies to “Happy Fifth Birthday Rico!”

    1. They are still eating on that cake several days later. they get all excited when they see me pull the container out of the fridge. And it smells so good… they might have to fight me for the last piece!


    1. They will have a wonderful relationship! I didn’t have a dog when I was a kid until I was in junior high. It was the best!!! And now I’m the only one of five siblings that has dogs!


  1. Aww, Happy birthday Mr. Rico!!!! I loved all the pictures and was so surprised to see he’s younger than Bender! I don’t know why I thought Bender was younger, they are both so handsome and sweet. Love the picture by the doorway with Forrest, must have been such happy times with the three of them together. Our Callie just turned 5 on October 16, a Border Collie mix from the SPCA. She is hands down the smartest dog I have ever known 🙂 So, do you have baby pictures of Bender too, please? You are a very lucky mama 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ll have to do a post about Bender and share some baby photos. He’s so photogenic and I have hundreds of photos of him that my friend took… every week of his life until he was 6 months old.

      Rico seemed to sense that Forrest was old and he needed to take care of him. He was very gentle with him and Forrest put up with a lot from Rico! Bender too!



  2. Rico looks like he is a character and way too smart! The new born photo makes me think of a guinea pig except for those paws of course! It’s always nice to see one dog taking care of another as Rico was doing with Forrest. Brought a tear to my eye as I just had to put down one of my dogs two weeks ago. She tore up her bed soon after we got her and then looked at us like “Who me? Must have been that other dog in the house”! Still fragile about her loss but that is the risk we take when we get pets.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can’t imagine losing one dog and not having another one in the house. It’s just too quiet.

      And I agree… it’s hard to lose them, but they bring so much to us while they’re here. So sorry for your loss.



  3. Hi, Jo! This post comes almost every day from a busy quilter in Oregon. She does amazing quilts and bags but also has two dogs, Rico and Bender. Rico does agility training and is also learning to herd sheep. She always includes pics of her dogs in her posts but today’s is exclusively about Rico because it’s his birthday. Tought you might enoy it! Linda Also, she lives out in the country, so they have lots of outdoors to work and play in.


    Liked by 1 person

  4. Border Collies……my favorite breed. Wish I could have one again, but sadly, I’m not in good enough shape anymore to keep up with all that energy. Thanks a bunch for enabling me to live vicariously through your posts. Happy Birthday, Rico!!

    Liked by 1 person

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