A Gorgeous Sunday and More Feed Bag Bags

We had another absolutely gorgeous fall day here today. And now we have ten days of rain on tap. So I made sure I got a lot of time outside to enjoy it.

I took the boys down to Canby, Oregon, this morning to spend an hour doing some agility training in our club barn. It was a great way to start the day. Rico sure did enjoy himself!

Once we got home I took advantage of the beautiful sunshine and took all the feed bags from the garage to the patio and sorted out what was clean and what needed to be washed. I think I had around 20 bags to go through and only seven of them needed a trip through the washing machine.

I folded all the clean ones and stuffed them into one of the totes I made earlier this week. So these are all ready to trim up and start constructing.

Once I finished up with the bags, the boys and I headed out for a nice five mile walk. There were a lot of people out walking! I think everyone wanted to get some sun before the rain sets in.

When we got home I cleaned up the kitchen and made some nectar for the hummingbirds.

After dinner I took the boys for a quick walk through the neighborhood in the dark to see what was going on with trick-or- treaters. And there were quite a few out and about.

When we got home I dug in on some more feed bag totes. I finished up four this evening. This first one came to me in a nearly-done state. All I had to do was add the handles and finish the top. Doesn’t this chicken look like it’s wearing little boots?

I love this next one. The colors are so fun. I would love to find more bags with this kind of color!

These next two are really big! I love the images on the bags.

I wish this picture showed the size differences in the bags a little better. They do vary quite a bit in size.

I think I’m going to keep one of the really big ones and put it in my car to hold my muddy rubber boots after sheep herding. That would be a perfect use for it.

Once I had those four bags finished, I folded up all my finished totes and put them into one of the bags I finished tonight.

Damn. Why are weekends so short? I would love a few more days off.

21 Replies to “A Gorgeous Sunday and More Feed Bag Bags”

    1. I do sell a lot of the stuff I make. I don’t make it so I can sell it, but selling a few items keeps my house from becoming too cluttered. No one really needs 30 Frankenbags hanging around!


    1. I used nylon webbing that I bought online. A lot of the tutorials have you make handles from the pieces of the bag you trim off. I didn’t like the idea of plastic handles. I really like the nylon.



  1. Our local animal shelter did bags as a fund raiser which was very successful. I don’t have access to anything but dog food bags but use what you have. I can probably get some cat food bags too. I love the webbing handles! I live at the beach and they are great for beach bags.

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    1. I really like the webbing handles. I didn’t like the idea of how the handles made from strips of the bag would feel. It’s a minor investment that makes a big different.



  2. I may have missed it but did you actually wash those seven dirty bags in the washer (on delicate or normal or ?) and if so, did it all work out nicely? I definitely want to make more as I like to use them for groceries instead of plastic bags. They usually stand up nicely which my husband like as he usually does the bagging so it’s easier to load the groceries. Your variety of bags is great!
    Love that Rico! I think I can see his tonsils in your photo just past all the dirt. Ha! Hmmm, do dogs even have tonsils?

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    1. I did wash them in the machine. They came out much cleaner than they went in, but a nice wipe down coming out of the washer helps too. The bags are so stiff that they don’t move around much with agitation. I did them on the regular cycle with cold water and detergent. Probably wouldn’t hurt to use hot water.

      It’s a little creepy the way Rico’s throat opens up when he’s really panting!!!



    1. The feed bag totes would make great grocery bags but you’d need to be careful to not over fill them… some of them are really big!

      Rico does not seem to mind his dirty face! He’s usually very happy when he looks like that!



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