A Gorgeous Fall Day and More Feed Bags

After about ten days of rain we’re having a gorgeous and sunny fall weekend. So I decided to head out this morning and drive south to Scio, Oregon, to watch a sheep dog trial. And I’m so glad I did! What a perfect way to spend such a beautiful day.

I even got to see a few friends there. And on the way home, I stopped by another friend’s place and picked up a few more feed bags, let the dogs have a nice run in her field, and had dinner on the patio. It got a little cool after the sun went down.

We saw this gorgeous sunset when we were on our way to pick up our dinner.

We didn’t get home until after 7 pm. So I fed the dogs and then we headed out for a quick evening walk as they spent quite a few hours in the car today.

I want to thank the people who pointed out to me that the little white animals on the bag I made last night are not in fact sheep, but actually goats. I knew they were goats. I just hink I had sheep on the brain! I do spend some time around sheep and should be able to recognize one. But maybe not!

Once I got home this evening I hit the sewing room and whipped up two more feed bag totes. They went together really fast!

I just love those little ducks. And this bag is bigger than the ones I made last night. It’s all dependent on how big the feed bag is since you don’t sew any side seams. And the size of the bags can vary quite a bit.

I also made this horse bag tonight. And it’s enormous!

I also realized tonight, although I think I actually did this last night… you need to make the gusset the same size as the side of the bag. These bags have a sort of accordion fold on the side of the bag. The size of the fold varies from bag to bag. So some bags are deeper from front to back than other bags. I guess it keeps it all interesting.

Here’s tonight’s too bags. The horse one is bigger than the duck bag.

I also prepped some bags by cutting of the tops and bottoms. They’ll be ready to start sewing on tomorrow.

I just love this next green bag. The colors are so fun. But it has some odd flanges of material on the side folds that will stick out oddly on the finished bag. I’m thinking I’ll stitch the flanges down before making the bag. I’ll take a look at it tomorrow and see if it will work.

You can see the flange on the left side of this bag.

Tomorrow is supposed to be another gorgeous day. I’m planning on heading out and doing some dog agility training in the morning and then hanging around home for the rest of the day.

18 Replies to “A Gorgeous Fall Day and More Feed Bags”

  1. What a great idea for recycling! I just love these feed bags, Anne! Did you have to use a denim needle and/or special thread for sewing them?


  2. These bags are so fun! Great recycling vibe. I live in an urban condo but wish I had a pal close by in the country. Iā€™m going to check out local veterinarians to see if they have any of the right kind of bags. Iā€™m with Derina about thread/needle question. I have jeans needles but only regular thread.

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    1. I’m using a denim needle and Gutterman poly/cotton. It’s heavier than a quilting weight Aurofil would be. It seems to be working fine, and the bags are sewing nicely. The fabric is stiff but not terribly thick, even where the layers are folded over each other.


    1. I really don’t love Halloween… it makes the dogs crazy. So I’m hoping for a quiet and peaceful day and evening. At least it’s going to be another gorgeous fall day!


  3. Thanks for showing your projects. A few years ago I made a few tote bags out of birdseed (black oil sunflower seed) bags. The bags were quite oily inside. Wondering did you clean the bags before sewing, and how? Thanks.

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    1. The bags I’ve used so far came to me clean. But I have a bunch in my garage that will need to be cleaned. Someone told me they cut the bottoms out of the bags, turned them inside out, and then ran them through the washing machine. I’m going to try that later today because I have some really dirty ones out in the garage.


      1. I made a couple of bags a few years back from large dog food bags which were kind of “oily” inside so how to best clean them was going to be my question also. I believe I wiped them out with a soapy washcloth and rinsed via hose but my brain does not remember exactly. I will be watching for your comment on the washing machine adventure. With all the bags you have that would certainly save time over hand washing. Can’t wait to start feeding the birds again (had to stop due to a virus of some sort killing them) as there are some beautiful bird pictures on the front front of them. Still loving your crazy bc dogs.


  4. I have cut mine apart and washed them on delicate in the washing machine since they were all dusty and gross, but now I gave to sew them a bit different from yours, still rolled up since other projects came up.

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