Feeding My Fabric Appetite

Earlier in the fall my friend’s dog Jolene came and stayed with us for a week. In appreciation, my friend gave me a really nice gift certificate to one of my favorite online fabric sellers. I wanted to use the certificate to purchase some fabrics from the new KFC collection. I had to wait for a number of weeks until they had them in stock.

Well, they finally got them in stock and I went a little crazy. I added some of my own money to the gift certificate and bought 25 half yards. Here’s the first group.

So many really great fabrics in there! I just love the one in the upper left in the different color ways. I actually bought two yards of the white one, but the store only sent 1/2 yard. They have shipped the remainder and it should be here in a couple days.

Here’s the rest of the fabrics that came in that shipment.

You really have to see these fabrics in person to see how amazing they are. The scale on the green and purple fabric on the lower right is so amazing! I can’t wait to cut it up and see what it looks like!

I’m happy to report that there actually are some fabrics from this new collection that I DIDN’T buy!

I received another shipment from a different online store that I frequent for KFC fabrics. It’s the fabric I bought to use as the setting triangles for my bright sunburst quilt.

I decided to go with the Millefiore.

So, why did I decide on this fabric? First, I love this fabric in this color way and have wanted to use it in something for quite awhile. Second, I really considered who I’m making this for and their tastes. I felt confident they would like a darker and richer fabric for the setting triangles. Third, I considered the fabric I plan to use for the backing and how it will work with this print. Fourth, I just really like the way it looks!

I’m making this quilt for my brother and his wife… the same brother who I just gifted the Aboriginal quilt to. He saw a photo of the blocks earlier this year and told me how much he liked it, which was so surprising to me because he is usually very conservative when it comes to color. I didn’t have anyone in mind when I was making this so I asked him if he wanted it. And he said yes.

I dug out my notes on this quilt and confirmed that I only need to make seven more blocks and then I can get going on putting this top together. I can probably whip up these seven blocks easily in a couple hours in my sewing room. It’s going to be big — a generous queen size. There are a lot of blocks, but I also plan on adding some borders to make it a little bigger.

I’m also pretty sure that I bought a large piece of fabric for the backing for this quilt a few months ago. I looked for it this weekend and can’t find it anywhere. I will turn my sewing room upside down this weekend to locate it.

Speaking of my brother…. here’s a picture of my Aboriginal quilt in their living room. My brother sent me a photo of my sister-in-law sleeping under it when the arrived home on Sunday. It felt a little invasive to include that photo here!

But I do love that they are already using it. I love it when people actually use the things I make.

I looked out my sliding glass door yesterday and saw what must have been 100 crows on my lawn.

There are a lot of crows in my neighborhood. it’s not unusual at all to see them in sizeable groups. It is, however, a little odd to see so many of them on the lawn. It had rained earlier that morning and I’m thinking that the worms were driven out of the ground.

My friend who brought Ernie over for a visit last week posted this photo! Ernie was definitely in charge in this trio!

Bender and Rico are such good boys!

28 Replies to “Feeding My Fabric Appetite”

  1. Fun new fabrics from the KFC Collection! I’m looking forward to what your future projects will be with them. The sunburst quilt is beautiful, your brother and wife have good taste! It is rewarding when people are so greatfull and appreciative of handmade gifts. Love the photo of the dog’s, how sharing and caring of Bender and Ricco to allow ” Ernie” to be in charge ! Too cute ! πŸ™‚ After the Holiday’s and when were up to our patooties in snow and cold here in Maine, I’m going to attempt a queen size quilt, you have definitley inspired me to do so , looking at your beautiful quilts.

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    1. I do like giving things I’ve made to people who appreciate hand made things. My brother and his wife certainly fit into that category. My brother is making mandolins and ukuleles in his retirement. His wife is an amazing gardener and cook, and has been dyeing her own yarn and weaving with it. So they are good people .

      I don’t make very many quilts that are larger than a throw size. Theya re sort of a pain to deal with. My design wall isn’t big enough and I really don’t like wrestling with all that mass. But I like the finished product!



  2. I’m not sure if I should thank you, or not, for introducing me to KFC fabrics!! I am now obsessed. It is so soft and the colors are so vibrant and blend beautifully. Each cut of fabric is like it’s own individual creation.
    Do you know that buying fabric and actually using it are two separate hobbies!?

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    1. The KFC fabrics are really gorgeous…. especially as you use them and they soften up. They are so soft and comfy and the colors are so amazing. It’s a good thing to be obsessed about!

      I certainly know that buying fabric is a lot less time consuming than making things with it!!!



  3. Amazing beautiful fabrics. You have a very professional eye for color! I hope you are getting an employee discount from KF 😏
    My new Bernina has come in! Going to take a lesson (learning curve) and pick it up. I should say – my barge came in Ha!
    Looking forward to your next project with those amazing fabrics!

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    1. It’s a great idea to take advantage of the Bernina classes. I bought my Bernina from a friend who needed a machine with better lighting, and I was still able to take the intro classes. It was a really good way to understand all that the machine is capable of.

      You will have a blast with your new machine! I hope you can some day discover all it can do!!!



  4. Wow! That is a gorgeous colorway… could eat these fabrics UP! Those crows were a bit ‘Hitchcock’…. not a BIRD person… ~~~>shiver

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  5. Fabric heaven is right! I’ve been seduced into buying half yards of Kaffe lately also. I tell myself I’ve finished making cards, but then I see a new Kaffe I’ve never seen before and think it would be beautiful on a card! There is absolutely no hope for me – at all.


  6. Hi Anne, I loved your new fabrics, really loved the Millefiore fabric and your quilt! It’s dazzling! And I wanted to say how wonderful the aboriginal fabrics quilt looks in your brother’s home. It’s perfect! I again admire your talent and hope when the stupid coronavirus is in control that we can connect and sew together sometime!

    Take good care and Happy Thanksgiving!

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    1. Thanks Diane! I can’t tell you how much I LOVE that Aboriginal quilt. It makes me want to start coming up with more ideas for that fabric!

      And yes… I wish we could be done with this pandemic. I’m missing so many things of my former life. It would be great to get to see you!



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