Dumpster Diving at the Farm Store

After our walk this morning I headed down to Canby, Oregon, to visit a friend and pick up a few feed bags from her. Then I went to the farm store to rifle through their feed bag recycle bins. So not quite dumpster diving, but I was doing some serious diving into feed bags.

And I found some really fun ones!

How cute is that? I just love it. Unfortunately, there were only two of these bags in the bin. But I did find a few other pig feed bags.

The one on the left is pretty dirty. But since it was the only one in the bin, I brought it home. I got several of the one on the right. And I’ve never seen a pig like that!

I also found some goats, more chickens and some horses.

I had a little bit of time this evening so I whipped up the pig and horse bags.

Tomorrow I’m going to go and pick up some cattle bags from a friend. She’s been saving them for me for a few weeks.

On Thursday I had a monthly quilt guild Zoom meeting so while I listened I did some tidying in my sewing room. It’s amazing how quickly that room gets disheveled. I found the fabric for the backing of the sunburst quilt in my last post. It’s Kaffe’s Lotus Leaf in wine. One of my favorites!

I KNEW that I had bought that fabric! I’m so glad I found is so easily.

I also found some fabric that had gotten buried. I completely forgot that I had bought this.

that’s almost all KFC fabrics. There are a few other brands/designers in that pile.

Rico has laid claim on my guest room over the last few days. He’s been snoozing in there pretty much every day while I work.

And look at these good boys!

Tomorrow I plan on getting labels on three quilts that I need to get ready to ship for the holidays.

16 Replies to “Dumpster Diving at the Farm Store”

    1. I’ve been thinking of ways to use them:

      1. I want to make one for myself to hold my muddy sheep herding boots in my car
      2. These would be great when on a trip to the beach to hold towels, blankets, etc
      3. they would make great grocery bags
      4. I can see myself using them while traveling by car to hold coats and shoes, more bulky stuff that doesn’t go in my suit case.

      All kinds of ideas for me!!!



  1. You probably said, but where do you find your handle material for the feed bags? Love the pig one!! I’ve got to go dumpster diving or at least call and see if they recycle!! 🙂

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  2. Lol. Those are cute bags. I have been checking out feed bags on Pinterest. Boy are there lots of different kinds. Messenger bags, lunch bags, wallets, even small bins for plants. Thanks so much for sharing all that you make.

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  3. 1. Fill with paper to take to recycling. Dump paper and reuse bag.
    2. Fill one with folded empty bags to corral all of the other bags in the car.
    3. Use with tissue paper as gift bag for another gift.
    4. Use to hold kindling for fire starting.

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