Three Quilts Ready to Ship

On a weekend with not much on the agenda I did have one task that I wanted to get done: get labels put on three quilts so I can get them shipped for the holidays.

This first one is made on a pattern called Lucky Stars.

Here’s the full quilt. It was made from all batik scraps. A friend of mine made the same quilt and about 1/3 of these fabrics were left over from her quilt.

This next one is basically the same quilt as the one I gifted to my brother and his wife last week. It has some different fabrics in the blocks on the front and the backing is different. I had almost enough fabric left over from the first one to make a second. I just added a few different fabrics.

This last one was an impulse make earlier in the pandemic. I used up a lot of batik scraps on this one.

Here’s the full quilt. I constructed it sewing strips onto sheets of paper, making sure it was nice and wonky. It went together really fast.

It’s really bright and cheerful.

I started out Sunday morning with a drive out west of Portland to Hillsboro to pick up some cattle feed bags from a friend of mine and took the dogs for a nice brisk field romp as the fog was lifting. It was only about 35 degrees when we were out there. I’m guessing there was a good frost on the ground before we got there.

It was so gorgeous! And the boys got a good run in. They’ve been feeling it all day! It was good for all of us to get away from the same view and get some fresh air.

Later in the afternoon I got my new lights put up on my patio. These lights are really all for me. I hate that it gets dark at 4 pm in the dead of winter here in Portland. These lights give me a little more cheerful view out of the back of my house.

I even put out my old living room birch tree with LED lights. I bought a new one for the house a few weeks ago because this one is getting ratty. But it looks great on the patio.

It will be nice to see the lights from my desk as I finish up the last couple hours of my work day.

I’ve gotten a lot of Frankenbags the last week or so. This first one was made by Eliza Claire, an old friend of mine. She said she loved making the bag and was really happy with how it turned out. She hasn’t been sewing and quilting for very long and I’m really impressed with how well made this bag is.

The fabric she used was destashed by a friend of mine a few years ago. Since it has poodles on it I knew Eliza would love it — she’s had many poodles over the years I’ve known her.

This next bag was made by Brenda Guthrie. I love that this bag is blue, but not too blue. All kinds of color pops there! And I really like those white and black fabrics she used. And that lining is so good! What a great use for that fabric!

This next bag was made by Carol May. I love the cool and moody feel of her fabrics. It almost feels like the moments right before total darkness. And the way she used the onion rings on the inside of her handles is really fun. Lots of really fun crumb piecing here.

This next bag is from Cindy Clark. I just love her fabrics. So much saturated color there. It’s fun to see if I can identify the designs… and I see a good number of fabrics from the newest KFC collection in there. And wow! I love the lining! Those big blooms are so good!

Next up is a this bag made by Lori Schaeffer Taylor. She’s used some really fun vintage look fabrics here. Plus she’s added a zipper placket! That adds so much functionality to these bags.

Last up is a whole bunch of bags made by Ellen Johnson. She’s been really busy! She’s also added a lot of features and customizations to her bags, including velcro closures and various pockets and dividers. She’s even made zipper pouches to go with some of them. I think I can guess what her friends and family are getting for the holidays!

I can’t believe the amazing bags people are making! It’s so much fun to see how creative and skilled everyone is. Thanks to these ladies and to everyone who’s set photos of their Frankenbags!

I’ve got a short work weeks coming up because of Thanksgiving. I’ll also be taking Friday off. My birthday is on Thanksgiving this year! So it will e an extra special day.

25 Replies to “Three Quilts Ready to Ship”

  1. Happy Birthday and Happy Thanksgiving๐ŸŽŠ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽˆ
    Thank you for sharing all the beautiful bags! So many talented quilters!

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  2. I like the festive cheery lights you have going outdoors. Darkness at 4:00 pm, makes it seem much later than it really is!!
    Enjoy your time off . Have a lovely Birthday/ Thanksgiving !

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    1. It was so nice to see the lights coming on as I worked into the dark this afternoon. It makes me feel so much better to see those sparkles out there!

      happy Thanksgiving!



  3. Enjoy your birthday and Thanksgiving! And, all those days off. I’m guessing you’ll be doing a lot of sewing. I’ll be working on my son’s aboriginal fabrics quilt. It’s been on the design wall way too long and I’m getting antsy to dive into the small projects UFO box.

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    1. Oh! I’m glad you’re working your Aboriginal quilt. What ever happened to your Ice Storm quilt? Did you ever start it?

      I will have a few days off. Planning TG dinner with friends, maybe a hike on Friday. Putting up my holiday lights out front sometime during the weekend. Getting my three quilts packaged and shipped. I do think I will spend some time in my sewing room. I certainly have plenty I can be working on!


  4. Always love seeing what you are up to. I so agree about daylight savings darkness. We quilt at the local Grange, one of 3 remaining in Umatilla/Morrow Counties. We are out in the local country side in a beautiful old hall that is coming up on it’s Century mark. We are blessed with security lighting…. But I would much rather have plain old sunlight.

    Opening the posts here are like getting a blast of colorful sunshine. LOVE the bags. I have been saving a couple of 25lb. dogfood sacks. They are slow as Miss Brigid only uses one about every six months. (watching her girlish figure)

    Quilts were bright and cheerful… LOVE anything wonky! Tends to hide my own wonky issues… LOL

    Happy Birthday and Happy Thanksgiving!!! Be kind to you, and take an extra day here and there to just ‘be’.

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    1. Oh, I LOVE a wonky quilt! I’m not a precise quilter! I want all my corners to match, I just don’t love making quilts that are too fussy. If you look, you’ll see that none of my quilts require a lot of precision.

      The feedbag sacks have been fun. I gave a goat one to a former co-worker today who just loves goats. She was so happy!



    1. Lucky Stars is one of my favorites because itโ€™s stars โ€œfloatโ€ instead of going all the way into the dashing. That way no points are cut off. Such a beautiful quilt. ๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŒฒ

      Sent from my iPhone

      Shirley Cawyer


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