Guess What? I’m Making Another Damned Bag!!!

So, today was totally different. I worked. The we walked. Then I worked some more. Then we walked some more. And then I sewed on yet another bag. It was so crazy! We’re all so excited with such a stimulating day!


It was cloudy and damp in the morning, and then we had some downpours with blue skies. And then it all cleared up and the sun came out and the birds were singing and it just looked… different.

I went out and walked around the yard to see what was going on… forsythia buds opening up… flowering plum buds ready to burst… first daffodil fully bloomed…

And Daylight Saving Time arrives next weekend. MY FAVORITE DAY OF THE YEAR! I just love the extra light in the evening. It’s so hard to believe it’s March already.

So, I did get a lot done on this second Ice Storm bag tonight. I got both quilt panels sandwiched and quilted and I got the handles made and the body of the bag constructed.

I intentionally used some darker grays than in the other bag. It has a little bit different feel.

I also got the lining cut and interfacing fused. I got the zipper and slip pockets made and attached, and I made the zipper placket. I decided to stop before I made a mistake!

Several people have asked me about the fusible tape I’ve started using to install my zippers. This is the product that I bought online.

I will confess right off the bat that I didn’t read the instructions. Fair warning.

The tape is 1/4 inch wide, fusible webbing that is sticky on both sides, and has a paper backing on one side. this photo shows me peeling off the paper backing and you can see the webbing left on the fabric.

Here’s what I did for the zipper on the pocket:

I peeled off a section of tape off the roll, leaving the paper on one side, and stuck it to the zipper tape.

Then, with the paper still on, as the photo shows, I hit it with my iron to fuse the webbing to the zipper tape. Then I peeled off the paper and centered the zipper pocket opening over the zipper and used my fingers (not the iron) to press the fabric of the pocket opening onto the adhesive. Then I hit it with my iron to fuse the webbing to the pocket opening.

Look how nice that looks!!!

I left the iron on this long enough to make sure the heat got through to fuse it all together. There are two layers of fabric and two layers of interfacing between the iron and the fusible tape.

Once this was fused, I top stitched around the opening according to the tutorial I use.

For the zipper placket, I adhered the tape to the edge of the two fabric placket pieces, rather than to the zipper.

Then hit this with the iron, pulled off the paper and pressed (using fingers, not iron) these pieces onto the zipper tape of the long zipper. When it was all in the place I wanted, I hit it with the iron. Again, lots of layers so I made sure the heat got through and melted the webbing.

Once it was fused, I did the top stitching.

I’m a big fan of this stuff! It’s giving me really nice zipper applications. And the zipper pocket I made tonight is probably my best one yet! It turned out so good!

I’ll get this bag done tomorrow night ad get it ready to ship. I have another bag to ship so am wanting to get this one done so I can just make one trip to the post office.

Another stressful work week. I’m really glad tomorrow is Friday. I’m thinking I might take the afternoon off. I could really use a break… maybe have some extended time out in the sun.

My weekend is pretty typical… Rico’s herding lesson Saturday at noon, then meeting friends for agility practice. Sunday is wide open, but I’m thinking some kind of outdoor activity will be called for. Maybe we’ll go for a nice long trail walk. Don’t tell my boys until I decide for sure because I don’t want to disappoint them!

27 Replies to “Guess What? I’m Making Another Damned Bag!!!”

  1. Thanks for showing the steam a seam tape pictures! I am a visual learner and that really helps me to understand. Your video yesterday was so good! Your voice, the camera view and your teaching. You didn’t go on and on but gave clear steps 🥰. Bender and Rico video on the beach at your brother’s would be fun 😉

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    1. OMG! when people make videos and take 20 minutes to get into the subject matter it makes me nuts! I don’t mess around! Get to the point!

      Maybe I’ll take some video of Rico sheep herding tomorrow that I can share!


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  2. Another pretty bag, thank you so much for taking the time with excellent visual photos using the fusible tape ! Great photo’s of Spring arriving out your way, a pleasant reminder of what’s to come out here in cold and snow country! Enjoy your weekend !

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  3. Thanks for explaining AND showing the fusible tape. Looking forward to better zipper installation. Great bag as akways. The spring green photos of your yard are making me wish spring would hurry up here. So pretty and fresh. Maybe the longer daylight will encourage the green here as well.

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  4. I love your emails and your bags!! Thank you for explaining how you are using the steam a seam tape. I just got a package and I wasn’t sure how to use it for zippers.

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  5. Great idea! I have used this fusible tape for different things but not for zippers, I definitely will try this! You do a wonderful job explaining how to make bags with your photos. Thanks so much! Love your bags too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m a visual person. If I can see something, I can almost always figure out a way to make it. Well, within reason! It’s fun to see that others like my instructions.


  6. Love your Ice Storm bag #2! The darker grey’s give more contrast. I’ve pulled out my Ice Storm ufo and plan to make a few more blocks with darker grey. I’m making great headway on my Dresden Plate project thanks to my PT cheerleader! Slowly but surely I’m becoming quiltmaker/sewer again! I’m so excited to actually be working on this table runner again.

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  7. Boy that is some blue sky behind your two boys! Where I live we call that Carolina Blue. I too love this new bag (or almost bag) but I really love all the tutorials you give on how you make these and what you have discovered to make them even easier as you have made more and more. I need to start marking down the posts that give the directions and photos so I can find them later. I need to try one but need to finish up a few other things first. Thanks for doing the tutorials. I know they take time to do. Your generosity shows through.

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    1. Yeah, it’s a bit of mess to try to keep track of everything I post. I plan to actually go in and edit my zipper placket tutorial because I’ve come up with a MUCH easier way to position the placket on the lining. I hate to have people doing it the first way I wrote it out! I took photos of it tonight so might edit that tutorial this weekend.


  8. Thanks so much for your instructive tutorials and pictures! I look forward to reading each one. I have worked with the Steam-A -Seam but didn’t realize they had the 1/4″ tape. Have a chance to go to Joanns while visiting my son today so will look for that. I am working on a prototype of your bag just using 17″ sq fabric I don’t like to try out your tricks! Then looking forward to making a real one!

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  9. I just finished 2 Frankenbags. Frankenbags are made of small pieces of material pieced together to form a purse front/back.
    Mine is made of material that I had pieced together over 12 years ago to make a jacket. I had a large piece leftover and saved it. During cleaning this winter, I found the leftover material and knew that I needed to do something with it.
    I made 2 purses. They are both zippered closed at the top and have inside pockets and an inside zipper pocket.

    How can I send you picture of my bags?

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