Another Ice Storm Scrappy Bag

A friend I’ve never met in person contacted me the other day and wanted an Ice Storm Frankenbag, so I told her I’d whip one up for her since I was thinking about making another one but using darker gray batik fabrics with the left over Ice Storm strip sets.

I dug in tonight after after work and got the block elements made and started auditioning some darker gray batiks to see what I liked.

After our evening walk I dug in and started sewing. I got the two panels done really quickly since the block elements were already done. I like the darker colors. It will be interestingto see how different this bag looks once it’s done.

Here’s the first panel.

And the second one.

I’ll get these sandwiched and quilted tomorrow night.

I have another friend who wants a bag like this one…

So I’ll be making another one of these as well.

While I was in my sewing room tonight I caught a glimpse of all this hardware that I bought a few months ago.

I think that big bag is 100 key fob hardware pieces. It might be 200! What am I going to do with all those key fobs?

The smaller bag at the lower left is D-rings. I thought I might sew those into the inside of a bag to attach your keys. I should figure that out on my next bag.

The two bags in the upper left are the hardware you would use to make a lanyard. There are 50 pieces in each bag. I had ordered one bag from Amazon, got a notification that it was delivered but I hadn’t received it. So I contacted Amazon and they sent another set.
A few days later my neighbor contacted me to let me know he had my package. So I have more of those than I needed. Here’s what they look like.

The quantity of this stuff is such a good illustration of how I do things. I tend to think that I need to buy in bulk. I’m happy knowing that I have this stuff available if I need it.

Years ago I made a few little fabric wallets that each had one snap closure. I bought hundreds of different snaps and a tool to attach them to fabric. I think I made around 10 wallets and haven’t touched those snaps since. But, by God, I have them!!!

I saw this cartoon tonight on Instagram. It’s one of my all time favorites.

After about ten days of significant rain, we are getting into another stretch of really wonderful winter weather.

I’m starting to see signs of spring in my yard. My daffodils now have buds on them. My forsythia has tiny yellow buds forming. My flowering pear trees will be blooming in the next couple of weeks. Spring is an amazing time in this part of the country. I will share spring blooms as they start showing up.

I think I’m paying for some video functionality on this blog. This is a test to see how this video comes through.

31 Replies to “Another Ice Storm Scrappy Bag”

  1. Thank you for posting your creations and your musings. I look forward to hearing from you each day and learning about what you’re up to. Keep it up! Here in NC, your post and my first cuppa coffee start my day off right!

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  2. Oh, Anne! The video is awesome! You have a lovely voice, not annoying or harsh and the filming was at a good angle/height to see your working. Good job! Only thing missing was a bit of Bender and Rico πŸ₯°! I hadn’t seen that cartoon before, cute. Girl, you got the hardware 🀣!

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  3. Great job on the video! Having done such a wonderful job, you know you’ve set yourself up for making more!!! I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog and seeing all your beautiful projects. Thanks for posting so often. πŸ™‚

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    1. I actually ordered a goose neck phone holder to make shooting videos easier. I might do one every now and again. they would be good for showing the way to do a specific thing… like how I go from line to line when I’m doing straight line quilting to make it all efficient.


  4. The video is great and it’s nice to hear your voice, too! I love wonky log cabins- really any log cabin- it’s my favorite block. I’ve also got some hardware but maybe not quite as much as you- I used to make key fobs too but haven’t for a great while- goos way to use up scraps! Enjoy that nice “winter” weather! Those temps would be spring warm for me!

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    1. The key fobs are a great way to use up scraps. I take a bag with me every now and again and just give them away to people, and they seem to love them. I use one for my housekey when I walk my dogs. It fits comfortably in my pants pocket.


  5. You win!!! Definitely got more hardware than me. Ooohhh videos. Another dimension to your blog. Fun. Kind a weird after reading your blog for so long to hear your voice. But then I got to thinking if we might see puppies “live”… well besides Ricco’s herding videos. Great job on the video and wonky block.

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  6. WOW ☺. You have a great talent for video tutorials too! I am super impressed and now motivated to get in there and work with my scraps. I Love your new ice bag too! I can see a full scale video tutorial in your future along with a book – to sell – I would buy it!!!
    Maybe I could be your manager ☺… Just kidding – I am not qualified for that position! Seriously you have many talents that should be recognized by some cash flow. In the meantime – Thank you very much for your generosity sharing your talents πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

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  7. I’m a converter to the Frankenbags and just love making them especially with Kaffe fabrics. I see you are making for friends. My friends have asked me to make them one also. What do you sell your bags for? I’m at a loss for a selling price.

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  8. I love the idea of the key fobs! My keys can just sit in my purse when I walk up to my car to open. I don’t like to carry a purse so I often just put them in my pocket. The problem is finding my keys in the bottom of my purse! I always say to myself if they would just see some kind of tab in the bags to attach my keys to. You have had a great idea! Looks ve your blog.

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    1. OMG! when I was a kid my mom was constantly shaking her purse… she could hear her keys but could never find them!!! So much time of my childhood spend with her trying to locate her keys!


  9. Your video is fabulous! You need to do more of them. Your speaking voice is so much better than most who do videos – I just can’t even listen to those nasal, whiney voices no matter how much I want to hear what they have to say! I think you have a whole new career ahead of you. Thanks for demonstrating the wonky log cabin. I’m going to take out a bag of scraps and make one today.

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    1. My camera set up is terrible! I just use my phone and it’s hard to get it positioned. If I’m going to go professional, I’m going to need a better set up!


  10. Wonderful video Anne! I agree with everyone who commented on your nicely modulated speaking voice. As for the hardware? Bulk buys from Amazon are hard to resist!!
    Happy sewing πŸ€—

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  11. I have some odds and ends of hardware I have purchased on sale over the years and haven’t used much of it yet. You definitely have a lifetime supply.
    Your video is great. I have been wrangling with ideas of how to have my set up for videos. You have edited it too. I’m impressed. I leave all of that to my daughter to do.

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    1. I’ve made a lot of dog videos over the years. It’s actually harder to do the sewing stuff because I’m just using my phone and I’m not set up with a tripod. I actually just ordered a goose neck tripod type phone holder that looks like it might work well.

      I didn’t think my site supported videos. But I upgraded recently and wanted to see if it worked to add a video to a post. It kind of opens up a lot of possibilities.



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