On a Bit of An Aboriginal Fabric Kick

Today was Monday. It felt like Monday. The good part is that it was a gorgeous day. It was a little foggy first thing this morning, but it burned off quickly and the sun shined all day. We took our evening walk under a blanket of dazzling stars.

I got the Aboriginal fabric panels that I made last night all quilted tonight and got the bag body constructed. (I feel like I’ve typed that before. It’s like deja vu.)

I’m a little disappointed that the long strips around the two sides of the pieced block aren’t as bold as I was envisioning, Which just means that I’m going to have to make another one to test it out again. It needs more contrast between the two darker fabrics. And that red I wanted to use originally would have been really strong in this. I might have to buy some more.

Here’s the other side of the bag… almost exactly like the first side.

There IS something about this side of the bag that I just LOVE! Let’s zoom in…

I’m just loving that little blue kangaroo! And that was totally serendipity since these were made from strip sets! What a happy little accident!

Here’s a few more detail photos just because I Love looking at these prints!

And this little detail also makes me happy. Look how that curvy dotted yellow line in the center of the photo continues uninterrupted from one fabric to the next. It’s like I planned it! Total chance, but fantastic!

Here’s the bag with the fabric I plan to use for the lining.

There’s a strip of that in the bag, so this will work nicely.

I took a break between quilting these two panels and called my quilting friend. As we were talking I was hit by an idea. I’ve been wanting to make another bag using Brandon’s black octopus fabric. What if I combined the octopus fabric with Aboriginal prints??? So I just tossed some of what I was using most recently onto the table with a piece of Octopus.

Maybe not these specific fabrics, but I think there’s an idea here worth exploring. I’ll be noodling over this for a while, but don’t be surprised to see something like this materialize soon.

As I was finishing up tonight I decided to spin a bunch of bobbins. I do this all the time, that way I can just pop in a new bobbin and keep going! I have no patience for stopping to wind a bobbin.

My neighbor across the street moved early last fall and she gave me some pots that she’d had on her patio. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve noticed that there are tulips and other bulb plants growing in some of them. And today I saw these adorable Tete-a Tete Miniature Daffodils.

I can’t wait to see what else will bloom!

20 Replies to “On a Bit of An Aboriginal Fabric Kick”

  1. I’m really loving your aboriginal bags. Just beautiful I love that little kangaroo and how all the swirly dots create such movement. And I really like the dark lining with the white zipper on the last one those metal zippers are great

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  2. I really like the use of the aboriginal fabrics in the bags. Somehow they seem right for the times and they’re interesting to look at with their details.

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    1. They are really gorgeous fabrics. And they all work beautifully together… which suits the way I like to make stuff really well. The kitchen sink approach to quilting!


  3. The Kangaroo and yellow dots – Amazing ☺. Nice to see spring too! You are super inspiring, I enjoy your posts every morning with my coffee! I have my panels quilted…. Now for the adventure in zippers 🤗.

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    1. We have a local store here in the Portland area that has a nice selection and has an online store. Pioneer Quilts in Milwaukie, Oregon. You can find them with a Google search.


  4. Those are the kinds of surprises that are truly welcome this time of year. Total serendipity! Especially with everything else going on in the world.

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      1. Thanks so much – I’ve ordered some! What about your labels? I ordered some cork labels a while back and the color bled… yikes! Yours are darling.


  5. Love,love your bag! I know all abt the contrast thing,being an art teacher & quilter but I am really drawn to the 2 darker strips and think they work well. They kind of are in character with the whole aboriginal vibe and look very natural and gradual transition to the smaller squares,as well as highlighting the smaller width outermost strip so it’s interesting with how the different widths read,instead of the reading the same size strips,if that makes sense. It also highlights all the colors and designs on the outermost strip,would love to have that particular fabric! Brava!! So fun to appreciate all the little details, I notice that stuff too.

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      1. oh,haha, I think that’s the longest run on sentence I have ever written, sorry! I really got into it. Your bag brought me back to art critiques in college, loved them. It was so fun to look at this and your next post with all the different bags.
        Go for it with the octopus and aboriginal fabric ,looks great!

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