Tired Tonight, so a Frankenbag Recap

I’m tired tonight and have an early meeting…. so I decided I’ll do a quick recap of my recent Frankenbags.

I think I’ve made around 40 of these bags. I really should count them to see exactly how many I’ve made.

All of the most recent ones have been full blown with zipper pockets and zipper plackets. Here’s a look.

Here’s a few of the simpler bags.

Good grief! that took me all the way back to August! I knew it had been a few months that I wasn’t making any bags, but that’s crazy! It was all the way at the end of December when I posted the first bag after that months long stretch.

What happened in the mean time?

Fabric greeting cards, feed bag totes, a few quilt finishes. And that’s about it!

Like I said, I’m close to having mad 40 bags. It might be more than that. I’ll have to go back and see for sure. I still have a few more bag ideas that I want to try out before I have another dry spell!

28 Replies to “Tired Tonight, so a Frankenbag Recap”

  1. You are one busy lady with all of the bags you make, herding classes, long walks with your dogs, not to mention a job. You are a Wonder Woman! I love seeing your latest creations and reading your posts. Seeing your recap I especially love your succulent bags, with the beautiful accompanying materials, and that eye popping bright green one! It reminds me of spring. The Aboriginal prints are lovely too and, and, and!

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  2. WOW! Love your bags and colorful fabrics. Thanks for sharing your process. Haven’t make one yet up I plan to. I like the idea of using up my many scraps.

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  3. I’m so inspired that I’m working on my first Frankenbag. Since my daughter gave me some succulents last year in a cute wooden frame, I was encouraged to make her a succulent bag. Thank you for the clear instructions!

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  4. I’m having a difficult time finding the pattern ; is it still available ? These are absolutely incredible and you get more done in a day than I do in a month!! How?????


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