A Productive Weekend and an Orange and Blue Finish

After a very productive and busy weekend I finally hit my sewing room this evening after our walk and finished up my blue and orange KFC and Aboriginal fabric Frankenbag. And I just love it!

I just love how the Kaffe and Brandon designs work so well with the Aboriginal fabrics. I’m going to have to do more of combining these fabrics!

Here’s some detail of this bag.

Oh man! I just love that Kaffe paisley jungle for the lining. It’s a huge print and works really well in a big piece of fabric. It’s one of my most favorite designs of Kaffe’s.

I love the way the top of the bag looked with all these clips on it!

Now I need to give some thought to what I’m going to make next. Since I will have my new bed soon, I might dig out my Jewel Frames blocks and start sewing those rows together.

I had my sheep herding lesson yesterday and Trudy brought along that tiny little lamb that I met last weekend. She is still tiny but she’s doing so well!

Look at her adorable little jacket… made from a washcloth. This picture of her following Trudy shows how terribly tiny she is.

Though she is tiny, she is mighty. Get a load of how enthusiastically she’s eating now!

I was so happy to see her again… and to see her doing so well was just wonderful. I’ve been so worried about her.

I’ve been chunking away at my to-do list and I got a lot done this weekend.

Friday morning I had the garage door service man come for a repair, but ended up getting a brand new opener installed. Then in the afternoon I got my COVID booster shot. Then I cleaned out my utility room and folded and put away a huge pile of clean laundry.

Saturday we had our sheep herding lesson, then we took a nice field run to stretch our legs. When I got home I got the dogs settled in and headed out and bought a new mattress and box springs. Then I cleaned my master bathroom. After our evening walk I decided to unbox my new bed, and it was such a huge pain in the ass. Remember this huge box in my guest room?

Well I ripped that monster open and started taking out sooo many pieces! But everything was tied together with really thick nylon ties. I had to rip that box to pieces with my bare hands, reach down in with some kitchen shears, cut away what I could, and remove it piece by piece. And here’s my new bed all ready to be assembled!

I really like the bed, but man I had a mess to clean up when I finally got it all out of that box. Cardboard, Styrofoam, plastic and busted up nylon ties all over the place! But I’m excited to be moving from a double bed to a queen bed. I feel so grown up!

Today I took the boys for a walk after breakfast then got busy. I cleaned the hall bathroom and cleaned my bedroom from head to foot. I even moved all the furniture and vacuumed… even vacuumed the cobwebs and dust off my walls and ceilings. One of the things I’ve wanted to do is remove a great big wire dog crate from my bedroom. Rico spends a good deal of time sleeping in that crate. He was a little confused tonight when I showed him that it’s gone.

I hope he doesn’t think he needs to sleep on the bed with us! But it will be worth it because it feels really good to have that crate out of there!

While I had the vacuum out I just went ahead and did the entire house. I finished it all up by cleaning out my fridge.

I have to say that I do not love house keeping. But I get a really good feeling when my fridge is clean!

I treated myself to an Easter dinner of rockfish tacos from a local restaurant. Yum! They were so good.

And tonight, I’m sore! Every part of my body hurts! I can tell I really put in a lot of work this weekend! I’ve had a couple Advil PMs in anticipation of a good night’s sleep.

I have a few Frankenbags from blog readers to share with you tonight. This first one was made by Kathy Robertson. I just love all those deep jewel tone fabrics. Kathy said a friend of hers gave her a bunch of those batik fabrics. What a great friend!

This next bag is from Kellie Maurer Smith. I love her fabric combo, and that wavy vertical quilting is fantastic! Kellie used fabrics left over from a jacket and skirt she made. Very nicely done!

This next Frankenbag comes from Linda Klysner. I just love all that saturate blue. And teh graphic black and white… well, you know how I feel about that! I really like the spotted batik she used for the lining. And her crumb piecing with all that blue is really pretty.

Up next is this bag made by Rebecca Caisse. That fish panel is so cute, and Rebecca’s pieced fish on the other side are such a perfect touch! And look… it’s orange and blue! I’m on a bit of an orange and blue kick the last few days!

Finally tonight is this bag made by @quilty.girl on Instagram. I just LOVE this bag. I love how her simple piecing really lets these fun designs shine! I just love that big leaf on the front! The fun batiks were given to her by her aunt. Here’s another bag that’s giving me all kinds of ideas! Now I’m going to have to look through my batiks for some fun fabric combos.

Thanks to everyone who sent in photos!

20 Replies to “A Productive Weekend and an Orange and Blue Finish”

  1. Gorgeous blue and orange bag. The curves look great. I have to admit to a teeny bit of tidy fridge envy, as currently mine looks like an explosion in a condiment factory 🤭


  2. [image0.jpeg][image1.jpeg][image2.jpeg]

    Sent from my iPad
    My first, but not my last Frankenbag! Thank you for the great tutorials. The inside has a zip placket, zip pocket and a slip pocket,
    Thanks again, Elaine

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  3. I am a fairly new subscriber to your blog. I love the great bags you create as well as the dog’s adventures you post. But now really loving the little lamb updates. Incredible that she is thriving but that shows your friend has the magic touch.
    Please continue to keep your readers updated on her progress.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I cannot believe the smallness of that lamb! So very tiny! Wondered if he will grow into a normal size sheep or will he always be the “little guy”? All those bags are gorgeous. The colors just wake up my eyes to a new day. So Bender is allowed to sleep on the bed but not Rico? With a bigger bed he might just invite himself up. We’ve never let our dogs sleep in our beds for so many reasons. Our cats always invited themselves whether we wanted them to or not and that sometimes gave me a crick in the neck so yea, no dogs in the bed.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Trudy said this lamb will probably always be small compared to other sheep. It’s hard when they have such a tough start.

      Rico is allowed to sleep on the bed, he just chooses not to. He sleeps on the floor, often under my bed. He does get up on the bed in the morning after my alarm goes off.

      I don’t mind having a dog on the bed if they aren’t a bed hog.



  5. Say, what’s with the cheese grater on the night stand? Does it serve as an earring display? The photo is too blurry to tell when I try to hone in on the grater.

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    1. Several years ago I saw an earring holder made from a cheese grater. It had been painted and had little wooden feet added. I had every intention of actually doing something with this grater but never got around to it. Google “cheese grater earring holder” and you’ll see a lot of them.



  6. I LOVE the blue and orange bag!! That truly is a wonderful Kaffe print (sure wish i had some, too!). The aboriginal prints are great anyway, but the pairing just made magic.
    Love seeing the teeny lamb again. Keep us posted on her progress.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I will definitely be combining more KFC fabrics with Aboriginal designs. The possibilities are pretty exciting!

      and yes… always good to see a tiny lamb doing well!



  7. Love the blue and orange, wish I had some paisley jungle fabric. You have a lot of food in your fridge 😋. My dog sleeps in her bed or the couch but comes to cuddle in the morning! The little lamb is such a cute pie💕💕💕. We had a 2ft Coral snake on our back patio… My dog was out – I grabbed her, my heart pounding – got her in the house – came back out with our long handled hoe but the snake had slithered away. I am on snake alert now. Love all those Franken bags from your fans☺.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha! I thought my fridge felt empty! I threw away a lot of old stuff. One cabbage must have been there for six months!

      How do people live with snakes? All I have to worry about is coyotes!



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