I Did a Thing Today… an Unusual Thing

First, a quick update on my bag progress. It was pouring rain after dinner, so I hit my sewing room and worked on my lining, pockets and zipper placket for my blue and orange bag before our walk.

I got the lining pieces cut and fused, finished the slip pocket, got the zipper pocket opening made, and got the pieces for the zipper placket made.

And I just love how the opening for the zipper pocket turned out.

I’ll probably get the remainder of this assembled tomorrow evening and might even finish the bag. I’ll have to see how much enthusiasm I’ll be able to muster at the end of the week.

And now the exciting thing I did today. I GOT A TATTOO!!!!!

I’ve never had a tattoo before. But I’ve been thinking about getting this one for a few years now. And a former co worker of mine made all the arrangements with a tattoo artist that has done several tattoos for her. I never would have done this on my own!

Here’s a close up.

That paw print belonged to Forrest. It was made the day I held him in my arms for the last time as he slipped from this world.

He was my first Jack Russell terrier. He is the dog to which all other dogs will be compared, and none will measure up. He was cute and feisty, and he was a pain in the ass. But I loved him like I will never love another dog.

I put more effort into training that dog than I put into my college degree. And he won three championships in two different agility competition venues.

I always referred to him as my Magnificent Beast. All my friends referred to him as the Magnificent Beast… and they still do. This just feels so perfect.

I was amazed at how little getting the tattoo hurt. I’ve heard they can be quite painful. The tattoo artist said people who have an easy and painless first tattoo usually go on to get more tattoos. I’m not sure that’s true, but I actually have a very small tattoo idea running around my head.

I have company coming in June. My brothers and sisters in law will be visiting and then we’ll go together to Seattle to visit some cousins and my mom’s only remaining sister there. So I’m getting busy getting my house in order for company. I’ve made a huge list of things I need to get done before they arrive.

I have someone coming tomorrow to repair my garage door opener. I’m getting my second COVID booster shot tomorrow, I have a plumber scheduled to come next week. And Bender is going in for a blood test next week. Tonight I cleaned out my utility room and folded a huge pile of clean laundry in my guest room.

I’ve been wanting to buy a new bed and mattress set for a while now and I finally bought the bed a few months ago. It’s been sitting in my guest room in a huge box since then, waiting for the new mattress set.

It’s a huge box and it takes up a lot of room. I’m tired of it. I plan to purchase a new mattress and box springs this weekend. And when I do, I will set it all up in my bedroom and will finally finish this quilt…

It’s all ready to finish but I want to make it fit my new bed. I will make the borders as big as they need to be to get the drop I need.

I also bought a new shower curtain and new towels for my guest bathroom a couple months ago. I’ll get that all switched out after my plumber comes next week to fix the toilet in my utility room, reset the one in my guest bath, and install a new one in my bath. It’s a toilet-palooza at my house!

Company is always a good spur to get stuff done that you’ve been putting off. And I’ve been putting off a lot of stuff during the pandemic! I’ll just keep chunking away at this list over the next few weeks.

I just realized that I haven’t given a Bender update in a while. Well, Saturday will be seven weeks since his last seizure, which is really good! It looks like the increase dose of potassium bromide is doing the trick. He’s still a little wobbly, but not as wobbly as he was a few weeks ago. It’s nice to see him adjusting. And it’s really nice to be seven weeks without a seizure! I’m hoping for another long streak!

38 Replies to “I Did a Thing Today… an Unusual Thing”

  1. Your tattoo is awesome and the sentiment behind it, is heart warming, with the anticipation of family visiting and planned trip, it looks to be a very busy time coming up for you! I like the latest bag your working on,with colors and design it is impressive as always! Have a great weekend ! Niki

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    1. I agree that the tough ones capture our hearts. He certainly captured mine! I have a friend who used to call him “Goddammit Forrest.” She just doesn’t get it. Hahaha!


  2. I googled E411 BQ, ’cause I can. 😂 I love that bed. Very authentically antique-looking. Can’t wait to see the pic you’ll share of it all set up with the new quilt in place. It will be beautiful, I’m sure.

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    1. It’s been sitting there so long I had to look it up again last night! Rico is happy that it has more clearance than my current bed so he will still be able to access his private den there!


  3. Yes indeed your zipper pocket is awesome! Your tattoo is too 😄.
    The story behind it got me teary eyed. Let me know how that booster shot works out. Our timing is the end of April and I am nervous about it. Enjoy checking off that list! It always makes me happy to get stuff done and checked off! Hi Bender and Rico💕💕

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    1. I haven’t had any reactions to any of my vaccines other than some really mild soreness. So I keep wondering if it will hit me hard on one of these shots.

      I’ve already checked two things off the list! I got my garage door opener replace today and it feels fantastic!



  4. You sure do have a lot on your plate. I completely understand your connection to Forrest. Such a sweet little face. I think we all have that pet that sets the standard for which no other will quite measure up to. Mine was a Maine Coon named Murphy. Best kitty EVER. Miss him terribly, everyday.
    The latest bag is gorgeous. Love the orange!
    Congrats on the tatoo. You seem very happy with the results.

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  5. That newest bag is awesome as the kids like to say. Be careful about getting tattoos. Apparently people can get addicted to them very quickly and next thing you know, they are everywhere on your body. Nice that this one honors your “soul dog”. That is such a cute up close photo of his adorable face.

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  6. Thank God we don’t have to start a go fund me to bail you out for lamb heisting! It’s so cool you got a tattoo! I’m the world’s biggest chicken and never could. It’s really touching what it is. I lost my dog a couple years back and still haven’t gotten over him. Never will. He was a giant American Staffordshire Terrier who was smart as a whip and my absolute best friend. We went everywhere together and he was just like a person. Good for you and your tattoo!

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    1. Amazing how some dogs just get into our hearts. A friend of mine always says that each dog leaves a hole in your heart that is the shape of that dog. And though new dogs will come into your life and fill some of that space, they never fill it in completely. There’s always that part that’s missing.


  7. While you are getting a new toilet anyway, have you thought about a bidet? I got one (merry Christmas to me) that’s heated. Highly recommend it.

    Just saying that my bidet years are here. So nice.

    Just an interested bystander!


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  8. Your blog always makes me smile but I was grinning today as I was reading. Love the tattoo. And I KNOW how company coming motivates us! The Magnificent Beast was truly adorable and will always be the best (as Bosley is for me).

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    1. One of the worst things about the pandemic is no company… in so many ways! I always like occasional company as a spur to keep my house in order.

      MB was a good dog. I miss him every day.



    1. I think what makes them difficult also makes them really appealing! And I think my Jack Russells were smarter than my border collies. Don’t tell my border collie friends I said that!


  9. Awesome tat! What a loving tribute to your sweet beloved boy! ❤ I too had long wanted a tattoo, at 63 I got my first, and last year at 65 I got a 2nd. Didn't hurt at all, both were on my forearms. The hurty places are anywhere that doesn't have a thick padding of flesh, ie backs of hands, collarbone area etc., and of course areas such as the groin! I'll stick with the fleshy areas thank you.

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  10. Happy Easter, the new tattoo looks great. I’m in the process of making another fantastic frankenbag and don’t know exactly where to look for your instructions for the zippered lining.
    Thanks and can’t wait to get it finished.

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