My Crumb Piecing Inspiration

Several years ago I ran across an account on Instagram that has become one of my favorites to follow, and has served as my crumb piecing inspiration. Her name is Tiina. She’s from Finland and her Instagram account is tilkunviilaaja. You can find here at this link.

She makes absolutely amazing quilts and has a really incredible way with color. And… she makes the most amazing crumb pieced pouches from her fabric left overs. Take a look at her amazing work and feel inspired like me!

She once told me that in crumb piecing, the smaller the piece, the more interesting the result. I think about this all the time when I’m crumb piecing.

And speaking of crumb piecing, I’ll be thinking about how to approach a tutorial on how I go about doing it. I absolutely love it and I know others can find it really difficult and intimidating. I hope I can help make it enjoyable for those that are uncomfortable with it, and maybe inspire others who do it but don’t love it.

I’m taking tomorrow off so I had to work later than I wanted to today, so I didn’t get much time in my sewing room tonight. I did manage to square up some of the crumb blocks that I made last night. These will be bordered with a dark fabrics and then be combined in some fantastic way, yet to be determined. It’s that free form thing, you know.

I saved the pieces trimmed from these blocks that are big enough to sew to other crumb pieces. You really never do run out of scraps!

Here’s the fabrics I pulled from my stash to combine with these blocks along with some scraps that I’ll use for this bag.

Wow! Those colors are so good!!! And I realized that I need to replenish the KFC black fabrics in my stash. There are only seven or eight pieces left. That little fabric in a color way sort of gives me an uneasy feeling!

I’ll probably work on these bag panels tomorrow.

I had to call my roofing company today because they still haven’t come to haul away the porta potty at the end of my drive way.

I’ve noticed that it’s being appreciated by various people in the neighborhood. I saw a random guy come out of it today. No idea who he was. I also saw a lawn maintenance crew (not mine) stop and all three of them used it. I also noticed one of my neighborhood dog walkers use it. As I walked by it on our afternoon walk I noticed that it’s starting to stink. It’s time for this thing to go.

I saw another gorgeous rose on our walk tonight and it was enormous! I had to get my hand in the photo so you could see how massive this thing was.

It was so light at 9:15 when as we approached home at the end of our walk tonight. I just LOVE this time of year. All this light in the evenings is my favorite part of the summer.

It’s light enough to see my porta potty down the street!

Once we got home Rico took advantage of the fresh water I put out every day for neighborhood dogs.

I see a lot of neighborhood dogs stopping here in the summer months.

26 Replies to “My Crumb Piecing Inspiration”

  1. How generous of you to supply a porta potty for the “who ever’s ” that stop to use it at the end of your driveway!! Funny/not funny !
    I like the colors in the your latest crumb piecing, and thank you for the link to Tina from Finland on instagram, you are always very generous with tips, and new ideas ( inspiration), it is very much appreciated. I have enough fabric scraps to keep busy for a long time !
    The enormous rose is gorgeous, there can never be enough flowers !

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  2. Good morning from the Uk, Ann!
    I love this post and am excited about the upcoming crumb piecing tutorial, Like you, I adore those amazing colours and have boxes full of scraps, just need time to get them together into something. I still haven’t made a Frankenbag but it’s on the list.
    Glad you’re having such a happy time amongst the roses , kind regards, Lindy

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  3. Hello from Central Massachusetts.
    I love the porta potty thing going in. Your neighbors, and others must think you are wonderful for having it there for all the world to use!
    Looking forward to the crumb piecing. I’m in the process of making crumb squares for a quilt. Along with 2 other pieces quilts. Crumb is a bit addicting! Question: what interfacing or batting do you use in your bags.
    Thank you,

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  4. That is awesome you have a guest water bowl out for your neighbors as well as a peeing station! You could charge a toilet fee! Yes, I hope that traveling commode moves on today. Ooh lala – I can almost smell that beautiful rose. Thank you for the Tiina from Finland site – I will check it out today. Also, thank you so much for answering my walking foot question! You always take time for your readers. I appreciate you very, very much 💕💕💕. Looking forward to seeing your next art bag!

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  5. That is one huge, amazingly beautiful rose! I’m looking forward to your suggestions on what fabrics to put together in crumb piecing. I’m on my third hat now. They’re happy hats with all that color!

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  6. I’m anxious to see your tutorial on crumb piecing. I tried it about a year ago and my covid brain found it very frustrating as I think I was trying too hard to control the outcome. I plan to try it again and “let it just happen”.

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  7. I’m scratching my head as to why a neighbor would use your porta potty? Maybe you should start charging. Remember pay toilets? Ha ha. I suppose if you have to go you have to go but I agree it’s way past time for this to go. If a call to roofing company doesn’t work I’d try the local police as this is becoming a health hazard as it fills up.
    Thanks for the flower photos. Can’t wait to see this next bag. I’m loving the direction it’s headed.

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  8. I also really enjoy your posts and your generosity in sharing techniques! I also live where the days are nice an long this time of year such a treat!
    The porta potty posts are a hoot, I just can’t imagine using a random one at the end of someone’s driveway…I hope it moves along soon 😊


  9. Hi Anne, I think that your blogs are amazing! Full of fun and inspiration! Like ‘OPB’, I think you could have a career doing your own, ‘AnnePB’ or ‘AIP’ Broadcast! Your quilting plus daily life are fun and give hope and joy. Thank you for sharing!! Diane

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  10. Just a note on the porta-potty in your yard. I thought it was genius of the roofing company to provide one — otherwise the workmen tend to go wherever they need to. You won’t have to pick up human droppings all over the yard. I love Portland wholeheartedly, but you’d better get rid of that thing before someone gives it a house number and pitches a tent nearby.

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    1. I think that rose was literally 7 inches across. it was really spectacular. The color was electric in the evening light!

      And the documentary… that’s such a great idea. I know I’d watch it!



  11. What a rose! I have never seen one that big. Hope its fragrance is enough to mask the “honey bucket” at the end of your drive. I don’t have roses because I have deer! But, I do have peonies blooming like crazy right now. Thankfully deer don’t seem to enjoy those. Surprisingly, the deer haven’t destroyed my strawberry plants yet…the neighbors have all been hit hard. My plants look great…but so few berries. (Insert sad face here!)
    Love those crumb blocks! Crumbs, but so nicely coordinated. I can’t wait to see how you use them.
    Tina’s site is great. Thanks for sending us to read about her.
    I’m working on a KFC based Joseph’s Coat quilt top right now. Really amazing, but incredibly awkward to put together! Slogging away.

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