Force Myself Friday

I really had to force myself to hit my sewing room after our walk tonight. I made the mistake of sitting down on the patio with some iced tea to cool down and it was so nice I didn’t want to come inside.

I just love these long summer evenings. And the weather was pretty much perfect today.

I did eventually force myself to trudge down the hall and started looking at my crumb blocks and the fabric I had pulled the other night and then started cutting. I managed to finish two bag panels tonight.

Here’s one finished and one showing the different elements of the bag panel.

If you look very closely at my bags, they all have the same three elements:

  1. A larger block element in the upper left.
  2. A vertical element on the right
  3. A filler block at the bottom left

These elements differ a little in size and design from bag to bag, but they’re almost always the same. Occasionally I do mix them up.

Here’s a close up of each panel. I just love these dark fabrics. And I have to confess, this first panel is really wonky! I made the mistake of not straightening the cut edge on the blue shirt stripes fabric before I cut the strips from it. I think the wonkiness will be hidden once it’s quilted.

Oof! So wavy and wonky!

Here’s the other panel. It’s much more straight.

It’s a good thing I don’t let a little wonkiness bother me!

Here’s the two finished panels side by side.

I’m pretty happy that I finished these panels and I actually enjoyed working on them. Interesting since I really had to force myself.

I took a close look at my tomatoes today and found these cuties.

They’re pretty tiny! It will still be awhile before I get to enjoy my first home grown tomatoes.

But look what I get to enjoy for my breakfast! I picked these tonight. I did cheat and eat the biggest, reddest one

That’s a full pint container! Definitely the best strawberry harvest I’ve ever had. I just love going into my back yard and gathering delicious food!

Found another lily that popped open in one of the pots my neighbor gave me. This one seemed to come out of nowhere.

I’m happy to report that the porta potty at the end of my driveway was removed yesterday! And now I wonder what all the lawn maintenance people in the neighborhood are going to do…

I’ve continued to be pretty sore after my pickleball fall two weeks ago. My knee is doing pretty well but my ribs have been hurting. But today I feel so much better! I’m confident that I’m on the mend.

And a Bender update: He continues to be seizure-free since his meds were increased. I had another blood test last week and his levels of potassium bromide are the same as they were two months ago. I’m going to put a call into his neurologist and see if we should decrease the dose. He is really weak on his rear end. He has a hard time getting up and falls down pretty often when we’re playing ball or frisbee in the back yard. I think we can probably safely decrease the dose.

Rico has two sheep herding lessons tomorrow — his regular lesson up in Battle Ground, WA, and then another one down in Molalla, OR, in the afternoon. We’ll get a chance to take a forest hike while we’re down in Molalla.

26 Replies to “Force Myself Friday”

  1. Thank you yet again for another crumble panel. For the lovely bags you make. I’ve tried one but it was not quite right so I’m going to do another one with the same element you’ve put together. I’m sure mine won’t look as good as yours but I know it will be better than my last one.

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  2. Your new panels are really pretty. About forgetting to straighten the striped fabric before cutting… You’ve used your crumb pieces, which aren’t exactly straight either, in the panel. Therefore, the “unstraightened before cutting” striped fabric works well in my opinion. It goes with the theme of wonky crumbs. Better not to ask what the lawn maintenance in your neighborhood are going to do now that the porta-potty has been removed! Happy 4th of July weekend!

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  3. Your tomatoes and strawberries look so good. It’s gotten too hot here for the strawberries to bloom anymore but we are still getting cherry tomatoes, love them. I hope Bender gets his dosage straightened out, he needs to still be able to model 🥰. I love the red snail shell center fabric in your bag panels ❤️

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    1. I’ll be lucky if I have cherry tomatoes by the end of July. Our spring was so wet and cold.

      i LOOOOVE that spiral shells fabric! I have a big piece I bought to use on a quilt and decided to save it for a different quilt.



  4. I agree with Sara K. on the subject of wonkyness. I find the uneven bits of striped fabric to be the most interesting part of those crumbs, and—to me, for what it’s worth—that design element is what makes the panel itself really pop. Of course, I love the fabrics and colors, too. Your work continues to be an inspiration to me. I am glad you “forced” yourself into the sewing room last night.

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  5. Living where you do, I think you should give yourself permission to enjoy the lovely evenings while they are here and not worry about the sewing room! Just my own personal thought on the matter. Happy about Bender, and hope you do get to decrease his meds a bit. It’s so hard to see our furry buddies having physical difficulties like that. Everyone is rooting for him, he’s such a star! Please enjoy living in one of the most beautiful places in the world (on a nice day, that is! LOL).


  6. good morning

    I’m from South Africa and really enjoy reading your newsletters

    I’ve made about 7 or 8 Franken bags lots of fun

    Would really like to try your sun hat. Do you have a pattern?

    Kind regards


    Floral Signature May 2021


  7. Question – would you ever sell a baggie of your smallest “Crumb” pieces
    ?? I do crazy quilt blocks – for eye candy – i love the fabrics and colors you use.
    So sorry about Bender – sounds like he has Hip Displasia, it doesnt get any better. Does Aspirin work?


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