A Good Weekend So Far

I’ve had a good weekend with one more day to go. I haven’t done any sewing until I did a little tonight as I started working on my crumb piecing tutorial. I may never make it through this big bucket of small scraps.

I keep that big fabric basket right next to my cutting table and just drop the smaller fabric pieces and strips in there as I’m cutting. Then occasionally I’ll dump it all out and sort it. That’s not my favorite thing to do.

I took Rico for his weekly sheep herding lesson yesterday morning. We worked on driving, which is having dog drive the sheep away from you. Their natural tendency is to want to bring the sheep to the handler. It takes some training to get the dog to push the sheep away. We basically spent an hour just pushing the sheep around a big field.

Rico was a good boy. It wasn’t a ton of physical work but it WAS a lot of brain work.

After our weekly lesson we hightailed it down to Mollala, OR, for a herding lesson with another trainer who comes to town every few weeks. We had another good lesson and then went for a nice forest walk. Here’s a Five Minute Artsy Forest Walk video I made.

And a few photos… Some daisies and blackberry blooms.

And there was lots and lots of foxglove.

And it looks like some robins hatched in the last few days.

And some of my favorite… the trees.

And more trees.

And, of course, some dogs in there.

I took the boys for a nice walk this morning, then came home and planned what I was going to make for a potluck with friends tonight. I decided a chickpea salad with lots of fresh veggies and fresh herbs sounded good. Here’s the ingredients.

You can find the full recipe on Pinterest.

My house smelled so good with all those fresh herbs in the air! It was a really good salad and I’ll definitely make it again.

It was nice to spend a few hours with friends and good food. And my boys got to run free in the yard with my friend’s dogs as we talked and ate. Rico, again, fell in love with my friend’s pug. He licked and licked that poor pug.

When I left I bent down to give that pug a pat and his ears were soaking wet!

Here’s Bender wondering where all the food is.

I’ve gotten some Frankenbag photos from blog readers over the last week. Let’s get started. This first bag was made by Marion Wolf who lives in Franken, Germany! She made this bag from scraps leftover from a quilting project and she made so many crumb blocks she has enough to make another bag, which she’s already started on. She did some fun decorative stitches on the handles.

This next bag was made by Kellie Maurer Smith. This is Kellie’s fourth Frankenbag and it’s for her to keep. She’s already planning another one and will put a zipper in the next one. I love her casual and quick approach to her bags. They look like they would go really well with blue jeans and a white t-shirt.

Next is this bag made by Karen Jane Quick. She used some extra batting on this bag and I like the effect that give the quilting. I love the piecing and she added that sweet little embroidered pocket. I love it when people customize their bags!

These next two bags were made by Cindy Jahn Thomas. She said, “I finally made time to make one using a couple pinwheel orphan blocks. I didn’t especially like the completed bag initially but it has grown on me. Learned a few things—inside pocket placement (too high for my liking on this bag) an” d to not place a focus block or design element too low on the panel.” I just love that each project can be an opportunity to learn! I love all those little pinwheels and stars! Looking forward to what Cindy makes next

Next is this bag from Lesley Nammar. Here’s what Lesley said about her bag:

“I used  Gondwana by Oasis fabric designs and Grunge for Moda. I did fussy cut because I love the Australian  animals and wanted to show case them. Also my 1st time to applique – hearts. This bag goes to my fabulous  step daughter who loves anything quilted and animals of all kinds.” What a great gift for someone special! She did a great on on her aplique and her quilting is really fun.

And finally, this bag made by Sara Rajagopalan. She went all out and made a curve pieced block for one side of her bag. And look how she quilted it! it’s so perfect with that curved block. She’s used some really fun fabrics and she’s done a really nice job making it, including two roomy zipper pocket on the inside and a zipper placket.

Thanks to everyone who sent photos.

13 Replies to “A Good Weekend So Far”

  1. Such beautiful scenery–your fur babies and the landscape. You live in a very beautiful part of our beautiful country! Thank you for sharing. All those Frankenbags are beautiful. I hope your 4th is relaxing.


  2. Love the video also! I love how “the boys” never get that far ahead of you without turning back to see where you are.


  3. It’s a true gift to be an encourager, and you certainly are. On top of that you also inspire creativity in others. Thanks for your example. May we all build others up like you do!!


  4. Ooohhh. I’d tackle that bucket of scraps for you. Fun thing to do is take those scraps outside and sort (on a non windy day). It’s amazing what natural light will do to fabrics and inspiration. Chickpea salad sounds delicious. And ha ha on Rico bathing the pug. I’ve got 2 cats that’s do that to each other. Another great round of forest and photos. Thank you. Happy 4th. Hope the boys don’t get too wigged out over fireworks.


  5. Looking forward to your crumb tutorial. I have lots of crumbs. I’m apparently not good at throwing things out.


  6. So enjoy your blog and am refreshed after “our” forest walk with the boys. Beautiful country and those foxglove are so pretty. You’ve truly inspired a legion of Frankenbag devotees and I’m one, too, although haven’t made one yet. I have several quilt gifts with looming deadlines. Thank you for sharing little snippets of your life and your dogs with us! And Happy Fourth!


  7. Loved the video with the boys staying nearby you, looks like a great hike. Rico is sweet to care for the pug🥰


  8. Beautiful scenery and Rico looks like he is having a blast! More beautiful bags!
    Happy Fourth 🇺🇲.


  9. Loved that forest walk! It’s so funny how the boys keep coming back to find you and why you’re taking so long! And the looks they gave you when you stopped for photo ops! Hilarious! Looks like Rico would make an excellent surrogate mother.
    Happy 4th!

    Liked by 1 person

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