A Quick Thursday Post

It was another hot day here… nearly 100. I got up early and took the dogs for a walk before work. I cleaned and refilled the dogs’ wading pool this afternoon. They appreciated the effort.

We waited until almost 9 pm to start our walk this evening. And it was still about 84 degrees at that time, but it felt hotter.

We only walked a little over two miles because we were all hot. It felt so good to get back in the air conditioned house.

The black zippers I ordered arrived today (holy cow that was fast!) so once we got home from our walk I hit my sewing room and got a little bit done on the black Frankenbag I’m working on.

I got the slip pocket made and sewn onto the lining. I got the opening for the zipper pocket made in the other side of the lining. And I got the zipper placket made… well, almost.

Once I got to the point where I put my zipper foot on my machine, I started getting tangles on the bottom of my work.

I tried for 10 minutes to figure out what the issue was and didn’t get it solved. I was too tired to keep working at it.

Here’s what I got done.

I got one side of the zipper placket sewn before my machine went haywire.

I just love these pieces as they’re assembled, especially when they’re made from such a gorgeous piece of fabric!

And I just LOVE the detail on these zipper pockets. I can’t believe I was so afraid of making these for so long! I think I could make them in my sleep now!

I’d be happier, however, if I had been able to finish the stitching.

And… I’m glad I ordered black zippers. A white or off white zipper in this bag would have looked pretty awful.

Here’s the pieces in progress.

Fingers crossed my machine will be working correctly tomorrow night… but I’m guessing it won’t be.

24 Replies to “A Quick Thursday Post”

  1. Your Kaffe crumb quilt is beautiful! I’ve just started following your blogs.
    I noticed the thread issue you are having and thought I would throw in my 2 cents 🙂 . I have issues with one of my machines on occasion and what happens is the top thread pops out of the upper tension guide on the machine. That will cause the nesting on bottom. You said you messed with it last night – so some ideas that you might have already tried. Re thread – check cleanliness of thread area and bobbin area. – needle. I hope this helps -?it’s so aggravating to have that happen – sometimes holding the upper thread with one hand as you guide the thread through the rethreading helps to secure the upper thread in the tension discs.

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    1. Thanks Linda. Several people have suggested the same tips. I’m going to start this evening with rethreading the machine. I think that’s likely my issue.



  2. It’s more than likely that the problem with your machine is a simple fix. This is what we told folks when I worked and taught at a fabric shop that sold and repaired machines:
    CLEAN the bobbin area and case.
    Clean the thread run by cutting the thread at the spool and gently pulling it off through the needle, with the foot disengaged.
    Rethread the machine.
    Replace the needle —every 6 hours of sewing or every new project. Needles get barbs that can’t be seen and bends too, especially when working with layers. They come loose then as well.
    Reinsert the bobbin.
    Reattach the new foot.

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    1. Thanks for all this info! I did all that with the bobbin case and it didn’t fix it. I’ll start this evening with rethreading the machine. I’m thinking that might be it.

      It is possible that my needle has a burr or barb. That will be the next place I go.

      thanks for all the great tips!!



  3. Everything that Kathleen said. I’ve inserted the bobbin the wrong way; not wound the thread in correct order missing the tension; fluff needed cleaning out. Usually that solves the problem. I know the feeling and frustration when something like this stops you sewing. Your fabrics look fantastic 🙂

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    1. I tried all that with the bobbin and bobbin case…and lint? Yeah, there was lint. Didn’t solve it. I’m going to start this evening with rethreading the machine and seeing if that does the trick.


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  4. Your bags look so great! You always have such stunning combinations of fabric! Ready to start my first but don’t have a place locally to buy metal zippers..Where do you get yours? Thank you for being so generous with your ideas and knowledge.

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  5. I love Kathleen’s suggestions, I hope they work for you. I’m going to jot them down for future reference. I’m restoring a Singer 404 that I got for free! Lucky me! Just hope I can get it all cleaned up and plan to give it to my daughter as she’s wanting to learn to sew. I love your frankenbags, hope to make one soon! Jan in MA (where it’s been hot too, up near 100 last week, 85 at the moment)

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    1. Yes on the good suggestions. It looks like my issue may actually be how the machine is threaded. I’ll start there with my trouble shooting this evening.

      Get busy on a bag! You’ll love it!



  6. When I get tangles on the back it is usually because the top thread has jumped out of the take up lever. When I worked at a dealer’s store we always told everyone who called in to completely rethread the machine. A lot of people didn’t realize the foot has to be raised when you are threading the top of the machine so that the tension discs are open. Most times total rethreading would solve the problem so I hope yours is solved quickly.

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    1. Thanks Wanda. The first thing I’ll try later is re-threading the machine. Plus, I’ll have a cooler head when I go after it this evening.

      I do always thread my machine with the foot up. I learned that a number of years ago. I think it was in a class when I first bought my Bernina.



  7. Because of your misfortune of tangles – I learned new useful tips! Thanks everyone! I have had a tread jump out of the top tension and it did cause that problem! Your frankenbag is looking spectacular! I heard the northwest is getting the heat and more than usual. Hooray for air conditioning. Here in San Antonio we are told that if it’s 85° the blacktop is close to 100 and not good for paws. The doggy pool cracks me up! They could use a bigger pool – but who am I to say – we don’t have even a tiny pool!

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    1. I’m glad I stepped back from my tangles because now I have all kinds of information and a calmer head!

      That dog pool is actually the perfect size. The dogs fit in it so they can cool off and it’s easier for me to clean, empty and fill. I had a larger one in the past and it was too big!



  8. All very good suggestions regarding that thread nest, and I have one more. Make sure your needle is down into the fabric and start sewing slowly. That, in addition to all the other suggestions, usually works for me.

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  9. you wrote tangles on the bottom of your sewing. I read “tragedy” instead of “tangles”. I had a machine that did those all of the time. After a bunch of returns to the store for adjustment, I finally called it a loss and bought a different machine (at a breathtaking financial loss). I think your picture of tangles is a PTSD trigger for me, LOL. Hope you figure it out.


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