Finally. Another Frankenbag Finished

Tonight I finished the dark Frankenbag I’ve been working on for far too long. This is the first one I’ve made since May! The last one was made while I was at home with Covid.

I’ve made so many of these I think I could make one in my sleep. That would be a great way to get a lot more accomplished! I could do the stuff I don’t like doing while I’m sleeping!

Here’s the other side of the bag.

And I just LOVE that red spiral shells fabric for the lining and zipper placket. It’s so gorgeous!

Here’s some more photos with some detail.

Oh! Don’t forget the tag!

I remembered after I took these photos that I wanted to add some zipper pulls. So I whipped some up using the black faux leather strips I have.

The zipper pulls are a nice little detail.

I laughed as I was putting this together tonight at the point I had added the zipper plackets to the lining. I had a moment of panic because it felt like I had totally screwed it up! It gets me every time. And then I realize that it’s perfectly correct.

We have a few more hot days on tap. Today was another 100 degree day. Tomorrow will get up to 100 again. Sunday will be a lovely and cool 99 degrees. Then it will cool off to the low 80s and mid 70s for a few days. I’m looking forward to the cooler temps.

My poor dogs are so bored. They just don’t get enough activity when it’s this hot. We got a two-mile walk before work this morning and another two-mile walk at 10 o’clock tonight. And there were a lot of hours of inactivity in between.

I started out our walk tonight by heading to the park that’s a few blocks away from my house because it’s cooler there. It feels like the temps drop by at least five degrees when I hit the park. We were almost out of the park when I saw what I thought was a coyote about 50 yards in front of us. It ran in the opposite direction. I got a crazy chill up my neck and all over my face. And then I saw it again and it was closer this time! But my dogs didn’t seem to react to it. Then I realized it was a yellow lab and not a coyote at all! Yellow labs are not nearly as scary in the dark as coyotes. I finally saw the person standing out on the grass with the dog. Phew!

Bender and Rico didn’t think this was exciting at all.

14 Replies to “Finally. Another Frankenbag Finished”

  1. Gorgeous bag. Love the black zippers.
    Have ypu ever thought about black handles? (Hard to tell if these are dark brown or black.) That lining fabric is oooohhhh so perfect. Stay cool.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah. The black zippers were really necessary.

      this bag does have black handles. I do use them occasionally but generally prefer the dark brown unless the bag is really black. Since I used black thread on this one I figured black handles were appropriate.



  2. Just love this bag, the lining is perfect and I love the zipper pulls. I haven’t gotten the courage to make one yet, but I hope to soon. I’m glad it wasn’t a coyote, that would have been more than exciting I’m afraid. It’s nice here today, 82 at almost noon. Better than last week. But I’m afraid it’s staying on the warm side for the next week. My poor garden – struggling to keep it going. Jan in MA

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    1. You should make one! It will be the one that teaches you a lot. Then you can make another one that you’ll love!

      I’m pretty tired of this heat. It’s really life changing when you can’t spend any time outdoors. We’re not as happy as we’d like to be.



    1. thanks! I really love all the details. they make all the difference in a bag. These are a good project too because, for me, there are natural stopping places until the next day. makes it easy to complete one over a few days.



  3. I too love that spiral shell fabric. You’ve inspired me to shop – alas, it’s a discontinued print. I had to go to eBay – and what if the two yards I bought isn’t enough for the (as yet undecided) project I’ll need it for??? I hate buying on spec.

    Question: Do you have a shop where you sell your sewing? It occurs to me that a person can only wear so many hats and carry so many bags.

    You make me want to travel to Oregon – when it’s cooler. It looks very beautiful.



    1. Are you sure that Spiral Shells is out of print? I just bought some from a quilt shop a couple hours from me. It arrived in the mail today. I just did a quick search of my favorite online shops and four of the five had it in stock… same price as all their other KFC fabric.
      I don’t have an online shop. I can’t make enough to keep a shop stocked. I sell stuff mostly by just posting photos either here on my blog or on social media.

      You should visit Oregon. June is sometimes a good month!



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