A New Bag For an Upcoming Birthday

I remembered yesterday that a friend’s birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks and I decided that I should dig in and make a Frankenbag for her gift. She loves blue so I pulled my blue scraps and selected some medium and lighter tones.

I started out making two sixteen patch blocks and then built from there. Here’s the two panels completed.

The panels went together really quickly. I guess that’s one of the benefits of being stuck in the house on a Saturday because it’s just too damned hot outside.

I used a light gray thread for the quilting and it just takes on the color of whatever it’s over. It’s sort of magic.

Once I got the panels done I spent a few minutes and tried some different fabrics for the lining and pockets. This was a no go.

I decided to go with something a little more understated because I think my friend would like that better. The outer bag is crazy enough. So here’s what I landed on.

I managed to get the handles made and get the outer bag constructed before I wrapped it up for the night.

Here’s the outer bag with the lining and pocket fabrics.

I started my day today with my first fresh local peaches of the season. They were pretty good!

I’m meeting a friend tomorrow morning and we’re going to head to a farm store and buy a box of peaches each. I go through a lot of peaches this time of year. You have to eat a lot during the short season!

Thanks to Pam for thinking of my dogs and sending some loopy balls. They arrived in the mail today and they were a hit!

It was a nice way to add some excitement to their boring hot day.

100 degrees again tomorrow and then it will start cooling off a little. It will be nice to not be stuck in the house all day!

11 Replies to “A New Bag For an Upcoming Birthday”

  1. What a beautiful blue bag, your friend will love it! I’m so glad the boys loved the loopy balls. Thanks for taking the pictures, those boys are the sweetest 🥰❤️!!!!


    1. Beautiful blues! Is the loopy toy handmade? Can’t seem to see one like it online. Always looking for good toys to gift


      1. I found them on chewy.com. They are listed as Frisco moppy ball cat toy. They reminded me of Anne’s yellow moppy bathmat that Bender kept bringing to her. Thought the balls would be easier to throw 🤣😊.


  2. Rico and Bender are so cute with those loopy balls! That was so sweet of Pam💕. Another beautiful bag – definitely that 2nd audition is perfect for pocket and lining. I haven’t sewed a stich in a week and I am getting withdrawal symptoms! Just too busy with my 96.5yr old Dad – he is increasingly needing more help. Getting more help this week so I pulled some fabrics together and if I only get a few mug rugs or a partial frankenbag done – I will be a happy camper again 😄. Maybe I should get a little wading pool too 🤗


  3. Like you, with the heat, I have been getting some quilting accomplished! Too hot in Bellingham to garden. 🙁 Cheers!


  4. The patterns and colors of your choices for you Birthday bag are beautiful.. the lining speaks for itself. Any Birthday girl would love your bag.. what a gift.. 🌷And the heat.. try heat and Monsoon at the same time.. scary and noisy. In AZ.


  5. Your friend is going to love that bag! The fabrics really go well together!
    Loved the boys with those loopy balls! My dog would have immediately chewed all the loops off. He had tons of babies without ears, then he’d start on the noses and tails next. God I miss that dog!
    Hey, did you know that Thermo Web produces a liquid heat and bond? Saw it advertised on a magazine. They showed it with a bucket hat and I thought of you right away. Between 1 and 3 coats, your item becomes stain free, waterproof, even to the point of looking like oil cloth. Thought you might be interested. You know, for whenever the Mojave heat ends and it rains again.


    1. I found them on chewy.com. They are listed as Frisco moppy ball cat toy. They reminded me of Anne’s yellow moppy bathmat that Bender kept bringing to her. Thought the balls would be easier to throw 🤣😊.


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