Two Bag Sunday… and Other Stuff

I got up early this morning and headed out to play pickleball before it got too hot (It got up to 100 again today!). Apparently I wasn’t the only one who had that thought because there were a lot of people there! I was on the court at about 9:00 and played until 11:30. I had so much fun, but I’m really wiped out tonight.

It was hot by the time I got home at noon so I sat in my living room for awhile after lunch and saw an Instagram post from a local quilt store… they had gotten a new shipment of Australian Aboriginal fabrics and the picture showed some really fun colors. So I hopped back in the car and headed out.

Score! And it looks like there are some pinks and teals in there… hmmm. Wonder what I’ll do with those.

While I was at the store I heard a woman say, “Look at that cute dog collage!” And when I looked up, this is what I saw.

I said, “THAT’S MY DOG!!!” This is a collage portrait of my Skeeter (who is now living with my friend on Vashon Island, WA) made by a woman named Rosemary Burris, an amazing fabric collage artist. The picture of Skeeter was taken on her birthday by a friend of mine who is a wonderful photographer. You can check out Rosemary’s work here.

Once I got home I hit my sewing room and whipped up another bucket bag. I chose this mauve-ish color and paired it with a fun sheep fabric I’ve had for some time. The pink noses of the sheep match the mauve fabric perfectly!

Look at how cute that sheep fabric is!

Here’s some images of the finished bag.

The temperature had dropped enough by 8 pm that we were able to get out for a 2. 5 mile walk. My boys were so bored today! They really don’t get much activity on days when it’s this hot.

When we got back from our walk I hit my sewing room again to whip up another one of these quick bags. I decided to use some striped denim that I’ve had for a couple years and combined it with this amazing fabric.

I bought this fabric a few years ago with no specific project in mind. I just knew that I loved it and wanted some in my stash. Here’s a better picture.

Isn’t that gorgeous?!?!?!? I just love it.

Here’s the finished bag.

Holy cow! I just love this one. And with that special lining fabric, this one will be staying with me and I will be happy every time I use it.

Here’s some more photos.

And I have to admit that I’m kind of liking these fabric handles. They seem really appropriate for these casual and functional bags.

I’ve had a couple people ask for clarification on how I made the handles.

The handles are made by wrapping fabric around nylon webbing. I cut a length of nylon webbing to 27 inches. Then I cut a piece of the fabric 27 inches by 3 inches. Next I folded over 1/4 inch along the length of the fabric and pressed it.

Then I wrapped the fabric around the nylon, making sure that the folded and pressed edge lined up with the edge of the webbing. Then I topstitched it along each edge, and another line of stitching down the center.

Here’s the finished denim strap that shows the three lines of stitching.

I didn’t use my walking foot on the mauve strap and that was a mistake. It turned out a little wonky. I did use my walking foot on the denim one and everything stayed in place much better. So if you have a walking foot, I recommend using it for this step.

I struggled a little getting the snaps put on the mauve bag. I knew I needed a block of wood to provide a solid surface for pounding. I was using a mouse trap (a new one!) that was in my cupboard and it was breaking apart. So I texted a friend and asked if her husband had some blocks of wood. He put some out for me and I walked over and picked up a lovely block of wood.

I used this to apply the snaps on the denim bag and I got such a nice finish! This will stay in my tool box.

100 degrees again tomorrow, then 93 Tuesday. After that the temps drop down into the 80s. I’m about done with all this hot weather. And so are Bender and Rico.

30 Replies to “Two Bag Sunday… and Other Stuff”

  1. Skeeter’s collage is amazing! I have admired Rosemary Burris’ art for years and next March 2023 I will attend her seminar at Empty Spools! I am looking forward to learning such realistic collage artwork. You must have been so surprised to see Skeeters image! Love your new fabric selections too. From one night owl to another…stay cool🥰

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    1. I did three different classes with Rosemary and I have three unfinished portraits. The one of Bender is nearly done. The one of Rico is really fun (made from Aboriginal fabrics) but not as far along. Then I started one of Forrest but didn’t love where it was going.



  2. I’m loving the new Aboriginal fabrics in bright colors. I have a collection of them and one of these days I will take them out of their drawer, take a deep breath, and cut them into a creation!!

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  3. Wow! Love the Skeeter collage ❤️ She did a great job! Those pinks and teals will be great with the flowers fabric, you’ll want to keep that one. Love the striped denim, reminds me of the striped overalls and railroad men. Would be cute in a bucket hat 🥰

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  4. Wow you must have been so surprised when you saw Skeeter. He looks so happy in that pic. It’s a great composition. Great idea to cover the nylon webbing. It gives the rather thin but strong material some substance wrapped in fabric. And you now have the single strap you’ve been wanting to make for awile. In the photo of your first bucket bag there seemed to be a fold or photo crease about 4″ up from the bottom of the bag and I wondering if maybe using the same fabric if you just added a seam there if it would give the bag a little character/attitude. I would press the seam open I think and topstitch on either side of the seam. Only problem is you’d have to wait ro add the stabilizer till after this seam. Just thinking out loud here. Was that a KFC mixed in with the aboriginals?

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    1. I’ve been thinking about adding cork or vinyl to the bottom of the bag. It will probably happen at come point in time!

      That was one KFC mixed with the aboriginals. I think it might work all together when cut in smaller pieces. I didn’t have any of that in my stash so thought I should buy some just in case.



  5. Hi! I really love your bags and tips you give. I started to sew bags a year ago, I didn’t know too much about sewing but I learned! Since a month a follow your blog and it is very interesting, I learn some more!
    Where do you buy the biothane? I want too buy snaps. Dis you take it to Amazon?
    Then I want to learn how to sew a zipper.
    You have such beautiful fabrics! Those Australian one are🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
    I am from Quebec. I speak French. Thank you!

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  6. Love reading your posts And the bags you’ve just made Great linings!

    So now I’m curious, who your friend is on Vashon? I lived there for 40 years before moving off a year and a half ago to the Olympic peninsula.

    I was down your way a week ago and didn’t realize it. Visiting a friend in Vancouver and experienced the first part of the heat wave.

    I’m very glad to be farther north now as it is cooler.

    Here is my first attempt at a bag. Nancy

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    1. My friend on Vashon Island has only been there for a couple years. You probably just missed each other.

      Yup. Vancouver is very close. I go through Vancouver to get to Rico’s herding lesson each weekend.

      I’m not able to receive photos with comments. Please email me photos at



  7. If you have a marble distributor near you, they would probably give you a small leftover piece of marble to use as a pounding surface. Recommendation from Ellie Lum of Klumhouse. The wood tends to give. The marble won’t.

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      1. Yeah. I have to be really careful, even with the wood, as it’s not very difficult to deform the snap. I’m clearly being more aggressive with them than I need to be.


  8. I so look forward to your “daily inspiration” and wonder where you get all your energy from 😊 Skeeter sure looks like a sweet dog and what an incredible artist your friend is. Can you share where you order your personalized labels from? They are the perfect touch to your amazing work! Also what size of snap are you using on those incredible bags! Thank you for sharing the link to Svetlana’s YouTube. My SIL gifted me a ton of fabric sample books thinking I could do something with them and you have given me so many great ideas. You are a very gifted artist!

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  9. The collection of your new Australian Aboriginal fabric is tremendous – never seen them so colourful before – lucky you scoring those.The Kaffe Fassett fabric I have in my stash, I went a bit crazy with this one when it first came out and have quite a a lot of yardage!. I’m looking forward to posts showing us exactly how you use the Aboriginal fabrics.


    1. I love to see the color in the Aboriginal designs.

      I have made two Aboriginal quilts that were essentially the same. This is the first one and I just love it.

      i always think these fabrics are dark but there’s some good color there. I’ve also made a few bags with them… several combined KFC and Aboriginal fabrics, which are pretty fantastic together! Here’s one:

      If you attached a photo, I can’t view them when sent as a comment. Would love to see your photo. Email me at



  10. These bucket bags are great and look like they would hold a lot. The denim bag is great, especially with the loon lining!!
    Those lighter aboriginal fabrics “sing” to me!

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