A Gorgeous Sunday and Some Blue & Orange

I met some friends this morning for a rousing game of pickleball. One of my friends had recently started playing and invited two of us out to give it a try and it was a blast!

Here’s a quick video about pickleball.

We had so much fun we signed up for a free introduction to pickleball seminar! And I have to admit that I’m feeling it tonight! I think I’ll sleep well.

I didn’t get much done today. It was such a gorgeous day that I really just wanted to enjoy as much of it as I could. So I took the boys for a nice long 4.5 mile walk before dinner and it was glorious! We’ve got a few days of rain on the way so it was nice to have a sunny Sunday.

I did hit my sewing room this evening to finish up the orange and blue bag I’ve been working on. All I had to do was sew the sides of the lining together and then sew it into the bag and do all the finishing. It probably only took an hour or so, but it’s done.

I posted a photo of this unfinished bag with the lining on Facebook yesterday and sold it before it was even done. I’ve got two other people that want to buy essentially the same bag but I’m not inclined to make very many multiples of the same design. I will probably make another one of these in the future but I have other things I want to do now.

Here’s some detail photos.

OMG! That lining is so good! I just love it!

Here’s some close ups that just make me happy.

On our walk tonight I saw some really gorgeous blooms. This first one is a rhododendron. It was the prettiest pale pink color. The photo doesn’t do it justice.

And this yellow tulip was spectacular! It was huge and the most gorgeous color.

Around 8:00 I went out and was playing with the boys and took a spin around the yard and caught the aroma of my lilac bush and it was so amazing! I had to cut some blooms and bring them into the house.

And now my entire house smells like lilacs!

28 Replies to “A Gorgeous Sunday and Some Blue & Orange”

  1. Oohhhh! Lilacs. πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
    I lived on a farm in Oklahoma years ago and part of a long driveway was bordered with a tall lilac hedge. I used to cut armfuls of the blossoms to bring inside. I also had pet goats that loved to eat the leaves of the bushes. 🀣🀣

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  2. Pickleball, another great bag finish and lilacs…love them all! Well, not sure of Pickleball yet. I belong to a women’s club here in the Carolinas and a new Pickleball interest group has been formed. I’m wondering if I could keep up…but really, it looks so fun! Missing lilacs like I remember growing up in Michigan. The varieties are just not the same here in the South. As usual, you almost always serve up some interesting stuff here. Thanks! πŸ˜‰

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    1. Pickleball requires less physically than tennis. They say it’s a really approachable sport. Most of the people at the courts yesterday were older than me! And I’m not a kid any more! You should give it a try.

      My lilacs are a lovely variety. Really robust blooms and the aroma is incredible. It just filled the entire yard last evening.



    1. My whole house smells like lilacs this morning!

      I live in Portland, Oregon. The lilacs are actually late this year! They were in full bloom in early April last year!



    1. My bags with the zipper placket and zipper pocket are $120 plus shipping. If you see something you like email me quickly. Some of the do go fast.



  3. Sounds like a lovely day.

    I had a rhodo like the one in your photo, sadly it was never healthy and died a couple years ago.

    But those huge yellow tulips, I have them and red ones in my garden, they are over 25 years old. I have lived here 25 years and they popped up the first spring under my Cherry and pear trees.

    My lilacs are in full bloom too. Sadly I have been fighting a migraine for 5 days, so I have not brought them inside yet.

    Do you mind sharing how much you sell your bags for? I am considering a market stall in 2023. I have been inventorying my fabric and need to start using it.

    Although I love making quilts, it is challenging to recoup costs on them.

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    1. It’s nearly impossible to sell a quilt that represents all the work that went into it. And I have to pay a long arm quilter too, so it’s just not something I can do. So I like the smaller projects these days.

      I sell these bags with a zipper placket and zipper pocket for $125, plus shipping. I sell the more basic bags with an open top for $75 plus shipping.



  4. Friends and I would like to know how to order a bag or other items you make and your prices. Following you on FB and your daily emails but I don’t see any order forms. Love your daily blog and your color choices when you quilt to your hearts delight! ~Sue Prescott

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    1. I don’t have an online shop to sell stuff because I can’t keep one stocked. I do sell my stuff, but mostly word of mouth. If you see something you like, reach out to me quickly!

      I do have a few available right now. Email me at anne@agilejack1.com and I’ll send photos of what I currently have and pricing info.



  5. Pickleball and lilacsπŸ’•. You have beautiful flowers for inspiration! Your art bags are so fabulous and you have a large following – I imagine you could sell every one of them! You are the Picasso of art bags ☺.

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  6. This is actually a response to your most recent post. I noticed your little medallion photo (for lack of a better term) looks like it was taken at Sunset Bay. Of course it could probably be many other OR coast locations. What a beautiful spot. We camped there with our son’s family from Wa the first week of April. Beautiful hiking along the coast trail. Also your dogs look like they are waiting for you to tell them it’s okay to run., they are so darned cute! Lastly, the green and purple bag with mostly aboriginal fabrics is my absolute favorite. I love them all, but am partial to green and purple! Thanks for using all that energy you have to entertain and inspire the rest of us. LOL

    Sally, CA quilter and watercolor wannabe


    1. I’m not sure which photo you’re seeing, but if it’s of me standing on a beach with the two dogs looking up at me, that was taken on Seven Devils Beach just north of Bandon, Oregon. Sunset Bay is near Coos Bay, so it’s close to Bandon.

      Thanks for reading!


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