Too Tired to Do Much

I’ve been working a lot of hours and our drives are usually pretty stressful. So I’m tired tonight and I have to be up early. I’ll be on the radio at 7 am.

So I didn’t do much tonight. I worked until 6. Grabbed dinner. Then took the dogs for a walk and the weather was so gorgeous! I just love these lovely spring evenings.

When I got home I hurried and packaged up the orange and blue bag I finished on Sunday and took a quick trip to the post office. While I was out I stopped at JoAnn’s and bought 15 yards of fusible interfacing.

That’s a lot of interfacing. It’s enough for the lining of about 15 bags. It will last a day or two.

When I got home I pulled a few pieces of KFC fabric to combine with the blue Aboriginal fabrics I’ve been having fun with. But I want to combine yellow KFC fabrics with the blue. Here’s what I ended up with.

Each of those yellow fabrics has a touch of blue, which is a nice touch.

I really hate to cut into the yellow Uzbekistan fabric since it’s no longer available. I have about a yard of it. But I don’t have any plans for it and it’s not big enough to do anything to significant, so a bag seems like a good idea.

I like this combo and will probably just go ahead and start cutting tomorrow. I have another idea I’m ruminating on for some out of print KFC strips a friend gave me. That’s for a little later.

I went to Rico’s agility class last night and it was such a beautiful evening. It had rained a good part of the day but was so nice later in the day. I just had to snap this photo on my way, the sky was so incredible.

We arrived before our class time so I let the boys have a romp in the grass seed field.

And this next one just made me laugh!

And by the way… that’s me on Instagram if you didn’t already know.

These guys just made me laugh in that grass!

I might have mentioned that the dogwood trees are blooming in Portland right now. They are so gorgeous… one of my favorite blooming trees each spring.

And as the dogwood are reaching their glory, the Japanese cherry trees are fading.

Ok, now I’m off to bed for an early morning.

14 Replies to “Too Tired to Do Much”

  1. Rico and Bender – happy kids! Bender is a photo ham! 15 yards in 2 days ๐Ÿ˜„ LOL! If anyone could – it would be you! All those yellows are scrumptious with the blues๐Ÿ’•. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Iโ€™d like to know what kind of interfacing do you use on your Frankenbags? Iโ€™ve tried several but just not happy yet. And yes, I love making those bags.


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