I’m So Tired — So Here’s a Quick Bag Retrospective and My New Bathroom!

We’re in the middle of an on air fundraising drive, so I’m wiped out. I worked six hours today and barely had enough oomph left to walk the dogs three miles before dinner. So I’m winding down before hitting the sack.

I was looking through my Instagram account the other night and realized that this orange and blue Frankenbag I’m working on is the 20th one I’ve made with the zipper placket and zipper pocket since December.

Here’s all of them in one place…

It’s kind of hard to believe I’ve made 20 of this version!

I think I made 30 of the bags without the zipper placket. So that’s 50 bags in a year! That’s a lot of bags!

I’m happy to say that I’ve slept like a baby in my new bed the last two nights. It’s made me realize how often I was waking up and repositioning in my old bed. It feels so good to sleep so undisturbed! I’m really happy about this.

Since I worked so many hours today I wasn’t productive much beyond that. But I did manage to get my new bathroom linens in place. And I love the way it looks. Here’s a look at before, with the red rug, and after with that magnificent bird shower curtain!

Here’s a better look at that shower curtain.

That great big print is making me feel very happy! If you’re in need of a pick-me-up in your home decor I recommend you switch out your shower curtain, towels and rugs. It’s such an easy change and makes a huge difference! This bathroom feels so much brighter and lighter.

I have a few reader frankenbags to share with you tonight. This first one was made by Niki Sager and I love it! that sunburst fabrics is so wonderful and I like how she’s combined it with the darker blues. Very nice Niki!

These next two bags come from from Paulette Aldrich. I just love those flying geese and the black and white is so good. And all that green is so yummy. And look at the cool detail she’s added to her cork handle. I love it! And everyone is making zipper plackets! I love seeing people get over their fear of zippers!

Next up is this bag made by Connie Nygard. She said she’s hat these fabrics in her stash for many years. Those cat faces are so fun combined with the other black, white and red fabrics! She said this bag was a great way to use up fabric that she didn’t even know she had!

This next bag was made by Laurie Grawl. I love her very scrappy fabrics and relaxed design. This feels very sweet and romantic to me. And it feels like something you’ve loved for years.

These last two bags tonight were made by Betty Sims. How can you go wrong with letting a big Philip Jacobs blooms just be a big old bloom? it’s lovely! and I do love that geometric turquoise fabric. All very graphic and rhythmic.

Thanks to everyone who sent in photos and sent me such nice messages!

30 Replies to “I’m So Tired — So Here’s a Quick Bag Retrospective and My New Bathroom!”

  1. Your bird shower curtain is lovely! Your bathroom does look much lighter and brighter with the switch in colors!
    Speaking of birds … Missouri quilt store did a new tut on making that cute bird block. You can find it on YouTube or if your prefer the original written instructions, you can find it on blocklotto.com click on free block patterns and scroll down to April 2013. I think I’m going to make a few out of scraps.
    Sounds like your day job is interfering with your real job … Keeping those boys happy! But the paycheck is nice, so I suppose you should bear with it awhile longer. Lol

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    1. I saw the Missouri Star tutorial the other day. I need to make more of those. I made five or so and never did anythign with the blocks. They would be fun in a bag!!! Hmmm… idea!



  2. Your bathroom looks very nice with the bright new replacements You certainly are a busy lady, with all that you get done and accomplish, not to mention all those miles you put in everyday walking Ricco and Bender ! Inspiration all over the place ! It is always fun to click on your blog to see whats going on and often more tines than not something new to learn with colorful photo additions of your new ideas and or fun adventures you share, Thanks Anne for a great blog PS All those awesome bags with zippers are amazing !

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  3. What a difference the new decor makes! It gives the bathroom an entirely different look, and I think it’s gorgeous. I always look forward to reading your blog and seeing what new things you’ve sewn. You certainly have made lots of bags and always have a knack of coming up with another new and interesting way to combine the fabrics. It seems “normal” to see a post about a new bag or sewing project in progress. It’s easy to lose perspective on how many you’ve actually made until today when you put all of this year’s pictures together in one blog post. It’s an impressive quantity and quite incredible. You have earned the title, “Queen of Frankenbags!” Seriously though, thank you so much for sharing your projects and life with the boys with your readers. I am curious – What do you do with all the bags? Do you have a site where you sell them?

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    1. thanks for all your wonderful comments! It’s really been fun to share my tutorial and process with so many others. it’s really the creative part of it that drives me. Making bags is just a way to use up the results of my ideas! Plus, they are small enough projects that they will get done and won’t sit in a box unfinished.

      Thanks for reading!



  4. Your new bathroom is well worth the effort. It’s amazing what a new shower curtain can do. I’m thinking new bathroom decor is in my near future. Love your blog! It’s the first thing I read every day and gives me so much inspiration.

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    1. Thanks! That bathroom made me happy this morning! And that lighter shower curtain really brightened up my shower! Not nearly as dark as it has been.



  5. Your bathroom update is fantastic! Bright and cheery just like you said!
    Nice to see the collective photos of your bags, all great but I have my favorites-the green succulent and brighter aboriginal print bags.
    I was traveling this past weekend near my hometown and stopped at a coffeehouse/tiny quilt store. She changed focus since my last visit. She still has the coffee bar but greatly increased her quilt fabrics. First thing on entering are about 50+ high-quality aboriginal prints. Oh! My! Had to limit myself to six half-yards due to time and space and unfortunately she does not have online ordering. Can’t wait to return.

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    1. That’s a really good selection of Aboriginal fabrics in one place. I have a local shop that has a good selection of about that size. It’s not easy to find stores with that much. you have a treasure at your fingertips!

      That green succulent bag got the most likes of all my bags on my Instagram account. Interesting. I love it but it’s not my favorite.



  6. I can’t believe you made 50 bags. All are so stunning with colors. Love love

    How clever to change new look in new bathroom!! Very simple …… new shower curtain and towels. πŸ‘ 😍

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  7. Your new bathroom look is amazing! I love those birds – I could hoard a shower curtain like that in my fabric stash πŸ˜„. All 50 bags are exquisite! My favorite is the aboriginal with the KF lime green jumble – the 1st finished one on the list. More fun and artsy bags from your followers πŸ‘. I made a small purse with your zipper insert tutorial for my 18yr old grand child! Hooray! I did it and now I will make another one! It wasn’t so hard after allπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• Thank you very very much for sharing your knowledge!!! I am doing the happy danceπŸ’ƒ

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  8. I love the beautiful bags that you create and by extension those that are inspired by you to create bags of their own. I am eventually going to try making one of my own. Thank you so much for sharing your talent. Looking forward to more Frankenbag beauties.

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