Quilts for My New Bed

My new mattress and box springs were delivered this morning and I got the bed made this afternoon. These boys are sure that there is plenty room for all of us!

Sheep sheets!

I’ve been wanting to buy a queen size bed for a couple of years. And in anticipation of that I’ve been in progress on two quilts that I’ll switch out on that bed.

My Jewel Frames quilt is the first one that I worked on for a larger bed. The blocks have been done for some time, but I haven’t put it together because I want to make sure it will fit the new bed.

Here it is on the design wall.

I’m planning on adding substantial borders of Philip Jacobs Shaggy in black to get it to the size I need. The cornerstones are also made of that shaggy.

I bought this piece of Kaffe’s Uzbekistan for $4 per yard several years ago with the plan of using it for the backing of this quilt.

That’s such a cool design and I love it in this green color way. But I might give my left arm for 10 yards of that in red! I managed to get my hands on several yards of the red a couple of years ago. I’m hoarding it selfishly.

The other quilt that I have saved for this new bed is this one I made from my own KFC fabric selection on the Moss Garden pattern.

I just love this quilt and I found it really fun to make. I love those great big blocks that show these bold prints so well.

This quilt top measures 97×97. I’m not sure it’s wide enough for this bed. I might need more drop and might have to add more borders on the sides.

I had to go to the post office and my actual real work office tonight, so I didn’t get any sewing done.

My yard guy was here working all day. The last thing he did was power wash my patio. I can’t wait to see it tomorrow in daylight! It needed this power wash badly.

I’m off to bed for my first good night sleep in spaciousness! I have to be at work at 7 am!

19 Replies to “Quilts for My New Bed”

  1. I love both quilts! But moss garden is to die for!
    Ha! Sleep in spaciousness … Those boys are gonna spread like water puddles! When my big guy was alive he’d take up 75% of the bed and have me clinging to the edge so I wouldn’t fall off! Did I mention it was a king size bed?!?! What I wouldn’t give to have him plastered up against me again.

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    1. My boys get moved if they are too close… especially if they are cramping my feet!

      and that moss garden quilt was a fun make. I will make another one some day.



  2. All I can say is WOW!!! Lovely, lovely, lovely! I finished my 5th Frankenbag last night. I so totally love it – I made this last one a little larger by about 2 inches all around. I think I am more in love with the interior than the exterior. I will post a picture or pictures soon (if I can figure out how!). Thank you for your posts and I hope you and your boys have a glorious day! Eileen

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  3. First…I LOVE the new bed! Then the Kaffe Fassett quilts…Wow! I especially LOVE the Moss Garden quilt! I have been looking for a pattern to make a Kaffe Quilt for so long…and thanks to you, I think I found it! It is perfect! However, I don’t have those beautiful colors…so I may have to spend $$$ on more fabric…which is what I do! Love your posts, Ann!

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  4. SHERBERT! Oh my gosh that Moss Garden is amazing. Think that one will have to be next on my list. The bed is gorgeous. Do the boys usually sleep with you? Seems like they’d get most of the bed. Hope you enjoyed the new mattress and those adorable sheep sheets. “Sleeping on Sheep Sheets”. Say that 3 times, ha ha. Clean patios are so much better. Enjoy.


    1. Bender sleeps on the bed every night. Rico used to sleep either in his crate, under the bed, or in the hall. Now that his crate is gone and the bed is too low for him to get under it, he has fewer options. He slept on the bed all night last night.

      We all slept really well!



  5. Love those sheets! Did wonder if you could all sleep on that bed. Those dogs of yours have a rough life …. sleep on a real bed, lots of wonderful walks, runs in the fields, sheep herding, training, being loved on by you and us, etc. Ha! Wouldn’t mind at all coming back in my next life as one of your pets or at least someone like you.

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    1. Haha! I always said that about a friend of mine whose pets all lived the life of luxury!

      We all slept really well on our new spacious bed! I’m pretty sure Rico was on the bed all night. That makes me feel better since I’ve totally rocked his his world with these changes.



  6. Hello I’m loving your bags and have made a couple. I’ve been using Annie’s soft and Stable but read somewhere that you use double sided fusible. I bought some but can figure out how to use it for this project seeing as you cannot fuse it to the lining as you have to pull it through. Can you shed some light on this? Also I thought no it’s very generous of you to post your process/pattern. Thank you.


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    1. For most of my bags I use a pellon fusible fleece… just fusible on one side. However, I recently bought an entire bolt of what I thought was fusible fleece, and it is NOT fusible. So I’ve been using a bolt of fusible webbing that I bought a copule years ago to fuse my bag panels to the fleece, and then fuse the batik backing to the other side of the fleece before quilting. it’s working well and actually gives the bag a little more structure. But I wouldn’t do this if the fleece I bought was fusible.

      The fusible webbing I’m using isn’t paper backed.



  7. Fabulous quilts, as always!! I’d use your Jewel Frames for fall & winter and your Moss Garden for spring & summer!! Beautiful new bed too!! Glad the boys are glad too!!

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