No Sewing Tonight

My new mattress and box springs are being delivered tomorrow morning. So It was imperative that I get my bedroom cleared out and get my new bed completely put together tonight.

Poor Rico is NOT going to be able to get under this bed.

This bed feels really big in my room. It will be interesting to see what the mattress and springs do to adjust that sense.

This bed was a pain to put together. The bolts that hold those cross supports in place have to be put in from the bottom! What a wrestling match! But it’s done and ready for my morning delivery.

And here’s the reason there was no sewing tonight.

I can’t even get in there, let alone do anything once I’m in there! The delivery people will take these away tomorrow.

So since I couldn’t sew tonight, I explored some ideas I’ve been having… been thinking about some improvisational curved piecing. Here’s some ideas for shapes.

Of all those, this is the one that has me most interested…

I might play with this idea soon.

Another reason there is no sewing tonight… I have to be at work before 7 am. So it’s 11 pm and I’m heading off to bed soon… in my guest room.

I had the plumber at my house today to fix the toilet in my utility room, re-seat the toilet in my guest bath, and install a brand new toilet in my bath. This was a little shocking!! The plumber told me that their prices have gone up significantly in the last few months.

But it’s really nice to check that off my list of things to get done before my May company arrives! And it’s really nice to have three fully functioning toilets to choose from!

20 Replies to “No Sewing Tonight”

  1. Bills like that make you want to consider digging a hole in the backyard eh? Lol
    That’s insane… The cost — not the hole.
    When I was a kid, a cop lived down the street from us and everyday he went to the park field house to take a shower. Frugal guy.

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  2. Love the bed frame. It will really show off a Kaffe quilt nicely. Oh my on the plumbing bill. Guess the plumber didn’t understand the importance of leaving some money for fabric shopping! But nice to have that off the list. I agree on your choice of improv. Seems like the best use of curves without too sharp of turns. Can’t wait to see the bag this is put in.

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  3. Whaaaat?😳 that is a big plumbers bill – one of the necessities in life 😄. Those curves are looking fun. I am looking forward to seeing your curvey creations.

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  4. This plumbing thing is out of hand. We had some plumbing company come to install new guts in out master bath toilet. We had the parts from Home Depot, it took 10 minutes and the bill was $356. When we called they said there was a $99 minimum. OK….I assumed that meant at least an hour’s worth of time. So I told the guy who came that no one is worth $356 per hour. Of course he was just a worker bee so I called the company right then. And the guy finally lowered the price and put a $247 credit on my credit card, so the end result was $109 with tax. I am sorry for your experience because no one is worth that!

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  5. That plumbing bill does seem extreme. Highway robbery my grandfather would say….

    Your choice for the new set of curves would be mine too. The others had somewhat awkward angles. The twin half circles looked fun though….. maybe for a different kind of project? Reminded me of a curvy Bento Box.

    The new bed is stunning and aren’t you proud that you could put it together all by yourself! Woman power 🤣🤣. Sleep tight tonight 🛏💤💤

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