It’s Been a Few Days

I’ve been busy. Haven’t actually done any sewing since I finished that green bucket bag. And being busy, I’ve been tired at night so am spending plenty of time on the sofa.

So here’s something that happened the other day. The biothane I ordered to make handles arrived with a loud THUD on my front porch.

Here’s the entire roll of 100 feet. That roll of biothane is almost 15 inches across. And it’s really heavy!

I’m really happy with the feel of this product. It’s soft, pliable and flexible. And it has a really nice texture.

It will be interesting to see how it sews up. It’s not terribly thin. I think it will sew similarly to the three layers of my faux leather handles.

I bought the 3/4 inch width. It will be good for handles for my Frankenbags. It may be a little thin for a single shoulder strap. I might end up buying some in a little wider width. I won’t buy it right away… not until I know how it sews up.

I did take a few minutes a couple of days ago to look at some lining options for the aged muslin I have left. Some work, some don’t.

There are a few options for this orange-ish fabric.

I wasn’t sure which one of these I liked, but as I look at these photos, I think it’s the bottom one. It’s Kaffe’s millefiori and I think the color way is antique, but I wouldn’t bet my life on it. The others feel a little too matchy-matchy.

Here’s some other combos I’m thinking about.

The last two, the orange and purple, are batiks that a co worker brought me from her trip to South Africa. They are batiks but they are heavier and more textured than my other batiks. She gave me two yards of each one. This seems like a good use for them.

Rico had his weekly sheep herding lesson this morning. He did an amazing job, as usual! I didn’t get any photos of him sheep herding, but here’s one of him calmly heading down the road to the big field where the sheep are.

When we were done I noticed that the sky was amazing so Rico posed for a couple photos.

Not too bad for a dog who hates to pose!

I have a friend and her husband coming for dinner tomorrow to celebrate her birthday. This is the friend I made this bag for.

I’m going to grill some salmon on my barbecue, gonna make some crispy baked potatoes and a Waldorf coleslaw that my friend loves. It has apples, walnuts and celery in it. It should be a simple but easy dinner. I’m going to serve a simple desert of vanilla ice cream with fresh peaches on top.

I spent most of today getting my house in order and doing my shopping.

I’m planning on going to play pickleball tomorrow morning and then the rest of the day will be all about getting ready for my dinner.

14 Replies to “It’s Been a Few Days”

  1. That roll of biothane is huge! Hopefully it sees well for you. I like the bottom row of orange options best but they all look great 😊! Your menu sounds yummy 🤤!

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  2. I was wondering what type of strap material you used because it looked so nice. Will you tell us what you used before & definitely let us know how this biothene works out. I’ve never heard of biothene. Looks nice. Thanks for the great updates!

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    1. I use a faux leather that I sew into handles. There are instruction and a link to the materials at the bottom of my Frankenbag tutorial.

      Once I get around to using some of the biothane I’ll make sure to talk about how it worked.



  3. I am so anxious to hear how the new material sews up for the bag handles. I am currently using the faux leather, but it is time consuming making those handles. Would love to find something that eliminated that step but still had really nice looking handles.

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    1. Hmmm… my handles out of the faux leather are really quick. Of course, I do cut a bunch of pieces when I am cutting so all I have to do is grab a couple to sew. And now I’m thinking I should actually sit down for an hour and sew up a bunch of handles so they’ll e all ready to go



  4. Glad that you have been gainfully occupied these past few days. Hope the biothane works out as you do have a good stock of it!
    Rico is such a great guy! Where is Bender when you guys are having your herding lessons?
    It’s canning season in my house. Strawberry rhubarb jam today along with some bread and butter pickles from my garden cukes.

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    1. Bender goes along for the ride when Rico has a herding lesson. If we do a field run afterward, he’s always in on that. He’s not a good sheep dog. He just likes to chase them.



  5. Love the different fabrics you are choosing. I am especially interested in the colorful oval one with the orange fabric in the second grouping. Could you tell the name of the fabric? TIA


    1. That’s a design called curly baskets. I’m not sure of the color way. I don’t know if it’s in print any more. It’s a Kaffe Fassett Collective fabric. I think Philip Jacobs is the designer.



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