Finally Got Around to Making a Few Stitches

Phew. Things finally calmed down enough for me to get into my sewing room tonight.

I had a brain storm the other day as I was thinking about this grayish aged muslin I bought a couple weeks ago. It’s an odd color… sort of gray, sort of blue. I had tried a few fabrics with it for the lining and didn’t like them. Then I thought of this fabric… and it worked!

The fabric is Kaffe’s moss flower and those gray/blues are almost exactly the same. And it actually brightens up that drab gray. I’m so glad I thought of this!

It’s ridiculous how much I love those little tags!

This next photo is the back of the bag. I had intended it to be the front of the bag because I liked the wrinkle patterns better. But I put the snap on the wrong side of the bag, so that decision was made for me.

That makes five of these little bucket bags completed. I counted tonight and I think I have ten or 11 left to make. I have no idea what I’m going to do with these bags but I’m enjoying these quick projects. They will make nice gifts.

Here’s some more combos that I finalized tonight.

I have a BUNCH of Frankenbags made by my blog readers to share tonight. If you’ve sent me photos and you haven’t seen your bag here, it’s possible it’s been lost. I get quite a few emails and tags on social media!

These first bags tonight were made by Cyndy Thomas. She recently did a demo of my tutorial at the Yellowstone Quilt Festival and used her bags to demonstrate different stages of the process. She said she had a ton of fun choosing fabrics, doing the demo and making these bags. I love how they’re all different. I love the chicken panels on the first one along with the bold piecing. And the one with the Timna Tarr panel reminds me that I’ve never done anything with those panels I bought a few months ago. You all better get busy if you want to keep up with Cyndy!

Next up is this bag from Susan Morris. I love all the paperweight and Roman glass fabric she used. Those are some of my Kaffe favorite designs. She made this into a really handy travel bag by adding the sleeve on the back of the bag to slip it over the handle of her roller bag. Pretty ingenious!

This next bag was made by France Banakos. This is her first attempt at making a Frankenbag. She said it was a great way to build up fabrics for a true scrappy Frankenbag! But you know, a whole cloth type of approach really works with that fabulous shoal fabric! Those fish really shine when you leave the fabric pieces large.

This bag was made by Kaye Snyder. She said this is her first Frankenbag and it took her forever! But she can’t wait to start her second bag, and I promise the second one will go faster! I love the big bold blocks she used, and you know that black and white is always a hit.

Up next is these bags from Marie Talbot. I love the bold piecing and big black strips on the first one. And look… she made a little zip bag to go with it! And that technique on the second bag always makes me smile.

This next bag was made by Kathy Rockey. She made it as a gift for her 94-year-old friend. She didn’t have time to piece and quilt, so she used my basic bag construction and totally freelanced the rest. She skipped the quilting and added some outdoor fabric to add stability. She added some embroidery with her friend’s favorite flower in the center.

Susan Batty made this next bag. She said she had a blast making it. I love all her bright prints combined with the black and white fabrics. That’s twice today that I’ve seen things made with that black mosaic circles fabric at the top of the first photo and I love it! I’ve had a piece for a couple years and have never used it. I’m getting all kinds of ideas!

This next bag was made by Susan Conant. This is her latest Frankenbag. She said she’s addicted and loves it made with KFC fabrics. And I have to agree! It’s definitely a happy bag and makes me think of summer.

And the final bag tonight (PHEW!) comes from Jacki Sutter. She actually made her bag with Susan Batty (above). I love her deep and saturated fabrics (right side of photo) and that little black and white print in the center is so fun!!! That makes me want to pull out some of my black prints and have some fun!!!

And finally tonight… Sheryl Karle sent me this photo of a painting she did of my Bender in the daisies, and look how amazing it is!!! She based this on a photo of Bender that a friend of mine took when Bender was a year old.

I’ve always wished I could paint, but it’s just not a talent I posses.

Thanks to everyone who sent photos of their work. It’s so much fun to see what others are up to!

22 Replies to “Finally Got Around to Making a Few Stitches”

  1. Yes, love the moss fabric with the gray bag! Beautiful bags and painting of Bender ❤️! He has been immortalized and loved by so many! Movers come today and tomorrow, we have so much stuff. Then we are looking for a new rescue dog to join our family again. So excited 😆!

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  2. I enjoy your e-mails, they do make me smile, especially when you show your beautiful dogs, they are such characters. I am not a bag maker but think I will give it a try. I found your tutorials for making the bag and for the zipper. I have lots of fabrics to choose from so I think I will give it a try this fall/winter that might be my next project. Thank you for sharing Doreen Sherk

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    1. YOu should give a bag a try. I like making them as a break during a bigger, more involved project. For me they are a way to try something new without committing to a large project.

      Be sure to check out my blog online at where you can browse through all my previous posts, search for projects and other stuff using key words.



  3. Beautiful moss bag, so elegant! Your readers are super talented with all those spectacular art bags! And that beautiful painting of Bender! Yay for Pam ❤️ I am super happy you will be getting a new fur baby! I would love to see a picture of whoever chooses you 😄. Maybe Anne would post it for us 🙂.

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  4. Hello. I am loving your emails!!! So inspiring. Can you tell me where you get the little tags you put on your bags? I love them….makes it look very professional!

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  5. I’m obsessed with your blog and bags. My first attempt will be a bag using Australian Aboriginal scraps and a black and white print. I discovered your website looking for wonky log cabin ideas.

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  6. The flap to go over the suitcase handle is brilliant! If there was a zipper at the bottom it could serve as another pocket, and be unzipped to put on the suitcase.

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    1. It’s not as heavy as waxed canvas, but stiffer than typical quilting cotton. Sort of in between. I’m guessing it will soften up with use. But I used a woven fusible interfacing to give it some lasting structure.



      1. I find aged muslin from Marcus fabrics at the Hancock website. Is this the brand you’ve used? The colors appear to be similar.

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      2. I didn’t make a note of it while I was at the fabric store and could check the bolt. there is no printed selvedge so no info there. I did find some of the Marcus brand with a google search.



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